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As man’s best friend, we would like to think our dogs are allowed anywhere with us.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Right or wrong, our dogs are not always welcome visitors in places of business, hospitals, malls, and restaurants.

If you are a disc golf fan or player, you may have an interest in taking your dog with you to the local golf disc course.

You might see it as a great opportunity for bonding and a chance to get your dog out into the sunshine and fresh air.

As you contemplate having your dog join you during your next disc golf outing, you might be asking, “are dogs allowed on disc golf courses?”

The answer to your question follows.

Are dogs allowed on disc golf courses?

As you digest the answer to this question, you need to keep in mind that rules might vary from one disc golf course to the next.

If you are not sure where things stand with your favorite disc golf destination, you should call ahead of time and ask the question.

Public Courses

Most public disc golf courses sit on land owned by the city, county, or state.

As a taxpayer, that makes you an indirect part owner of that land.

As a “part-owner,” you have the right to use public parks within certain guidelines.

Most public disc golf courses are very welcoming towards dogs.

City parks exist to give families somewhere safe to go for recreation and entertainment.

Since most families see their dogs as family members, not pets, parks will usually allow dogs on the property as long as owners are willing to abide by certain rules and dog etiquette.

If dogs are allowed in the park, that almost always extends to them being allowed on the public disc golf course.

Private Disc Gold Courses

The rules regarding dogs on private disc golf courses are a little bit more complicated.

Since the land is owned and managed privately, rules are set forth by ownership without regard to the rights of the public.

If you plan on playing at a private disc golf course, you have probably received a very specific invitation to do so.

Don’t assume your dog is going to be welcomed there.

You need to ask the individual who extended you the invitation to play if you can bring your dog. They should be able to get you an answer in short order.

Disc Golf Tournaments

Regardless of what the normal rules are about dogs on a specific disc golf course, it’s a good bet that dogs are not allowed during disc golf tournament play.

That’s most likely applicable to public and private courses.

During disc golf tournaments, the level of competition rises.

Players could be playing for prizes, including cash prizes, which translates to everyone concentrating and playing to the best of their abilities.

The last thing anyone wants to have happen is a dog doing something that interferes with a player’s ability to concentrate.

Keep in mind that when money is on the line, no one cares how well behaved your dog might be. It only takes one untimely bark for a player to get distracted and miss an important shot.

No one wants to risk a dog’s bark influencing the outcome of a match or tournament.

Dog Etiquette for Disc Golf Courses

If your dog is welcome on a disc golf course, it’s your responsibility to make sure you control your dog friend as a courtesy to everyone else on the course.

As a reminder, the proper etiquette includes the following rules:

  • Silence is Golden – No one expects a dog to be perfectly silent. However, no one wants a dog around that has an uncontrollable urge to bark at everything. You know your dog and need to use good judgment. If your dog is a barker, it might be best to leave them at home.
  • Leash Rules or Not – While some parks might have liberal rules related to dog leasing, you need to control your dog when playing disc golf. It’s not proper to allow your dog to wander the course and interfere with everyone else’s recreation. Should your dog roam free and cause property damage or injury, you will be liable. That’s why leash rules exist.
  • Training Certification – Some courses may require that your dog has training certification before they are allowed on the course. Aggressive dogs that chase people and interfere with play will not be tolerated by anyone.
  • Clean Up the Mess – It should go without saying that you are responsible for cleaning up after your dog when they do their business. If you are occupied with golf, you should have a family member or friend there helping to look after your dog.

As long as everyone follows the rules, dogs will usually be welcomed on a disc golf course unless there is a tournament underway. You don’t want your dog to be the reason a course disallows dogs on the course in the future.

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