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When you’re looking for the right disc for your disc golf game, it can be difficult to know which product is the most appropriate choice for your needs. After all, isn’t one product just as good as another?

In this article, we’re taking a look at the Discraft Avenger SS vs the Valkyrie by Innova.

Both discs are understable distance drivers, but that’s about where the similarities end!

As we get more in depth with our explanations of each disc, you’ll understand there are major differences between how to utilize the Avenger SS and the Valkyrie, what situations each disc performs best in, and ultimately which is the best for you!

Avenger SS Overview

The Avenger SS is an understable distance driver by Discraft. Its flight ratings are: Speed 10, Glide 5, Turn -3, and Fade 1.

The Avenger SS is moderate-to-high speed, higher glide, understable, and finishes straight due to its low fade.

This disc is not appropriate for all skill levels. If you’re new to disc golf, avoid this disc until you’ve developed your technique more.

We recommend this disc only for intermediate to advanced players.

The Avenger SS is based off the original Discraft mold: the Avenger. The original Avenger is very overstable, while the Avenger SS is understable.

Understable means a disc that turns right, while overstable means a disc that turns left.

For discs that need to hold a rightward line, understable discs thrown at an anhyzer angle are best, and that’s exactly what the Avenger SS does.

It starts out straight initially, flies out rightward, and then has an extremely slight fade back to the left.

The Avenger SS is available for purchase in several of Discraft’s plastic lines, but we recommend purchasing it in their Z Line plastic.

The Z plastic line is one of Discraft’s most durable. In the Z line, the Avenger SS is available in the following weight ranges: 160 to 166 grams, 167 to 169 grams, 170 to 172 grams, and 173 to 174 grams.

We recommend shooting for that upper 160s weight range: 167 to 169 grams. You can view the Discraft Avenger SS Elite Z Golf Disc at Amazon to learn more about how it might work for your game.

When to use the Avenger SS

  • Around obstacles. Since the Avenger SS holds an anhyzer line well, it’s a great option to help maneuver you around obstacles.
  • Max distances. For advanced players with big arms and a lot of power, the Avenger SS is an awesome understable max distance driver. It’ll soar high and far with the right amount of spin.
  • Long distance turnover shots. Turnover shots are often confused for hyzer flips (which we’ll describe in more depth down below), but they’re actually quite different. Hyzer flips help you hold a straight and stable line, while turnover shots fly to the left of the fairway before veering back to the right. A turnover shot is thrown with either a hyzer or flat release so that the disc turns over and gives a big sweeping flight from left to right to help you get around obstacles. You’ll need to throw the disc high to get a lot of air under it, which won’t be difficult since the Avenger SS is high glide. Since the Avenger SS is a low fade disc, it’ll finish straight instead of fading back into the left.
  • Roller shots. Rollers help you get more distance out of a disc than you’d be able to get otherwise. To throw a roller, you need an understable disc (like the Avenger SS) with a thick rim. The Avenger SS’s rim width is 1.9 centimeters, which is one of the thickest rim widths available for purchase. Throw the Avenger SS on a sharp anhyzer angle. An anhyzer angle is where to nose of the disc (which is the part on the opposite end of where your hand is) points up and toward you. This angle allows the disc to turn over on its side while in the air so that when it hits the ground it rolls the rest of the way. Some players can achieve double the distance on a roller than they would just throwing the disc through the air.
  • Uphill shots. Typically when throwing uphill, the laws of gravity work against you to reduce the speed of your disc. Since the Avenger SS is a high power disc, it’s ideal for uphill shots because it has enough power to travel uphill.
  • Tailwinds. Tailwinds happen when the wind blows against you from behind. This affects your disc by making it fly more overstable and pushing it down closer to the ground. Understable discs are best for tailwinds to balance out the overstabilizing effects of tailwinds. The Avenger SS’s higher glide combined with its understability makes it perfect for tailwinds.

Valkyrie Overview

The Valkyrie is one of Innova’s most popular distance drivers. It’s appropriate for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players.

Its flight ratings are: Speed 9, Glide 4, Turn -2, and Fade 2.

This is a moderate speed, moderate glide, low fade, understable disc.

It is available for purchase in the majority of Innova’s plastic lines and weight ranges, offering variety for all players.

The plastic line you select for the Valkyrie affects how it flies.

A lot of players report that the Champion plastic line causes the Valkyrie to behave more overstable, and that the disc is more domey in the Champion plastic.

A beat-up DX version of the Valkyrie flies straighter, but that’s obviously after a lot of wear and tear on the disc.

We recommend the Valkyrie in the Star plastic line because the Star has the durability and integrity of Champion plastic, but also improved grip, making it more comfortable.

The reason we recommend the Valkyrie in Star is because some of the shots that the Valkyrie is used for (like rollers) create a lot of punishment and potential damage for your disc, so you’ll need something more stable.

In the Star plastic, the Valkyrie can be purchased in the following weight categories: 145 to 150 grams, 165 to 169 grams, 170 to 172 grams, and 173 to 175 grams.

We recommend that 160s weight range because it’s heavy enough to help the Valkyrie not bounce on rollers, without being so heavy that it’s harder to throw.

You can view the Innova Star Valkyrie Golf Disc at Amazon for more information on how it might work for you.

When to use the Valkyrie

Some of the shots that work best for the Valkyrie:

  • Roller shot, which we described above.
  • Low-ceiling shots. Sometimes on a disc golf course, there are low-hanging obstacles like branches in the way of where you need to go. To get around (or under) these obstacles, you can try throwing a roller, or throwing a low-to-the-ground shot. The Valkyrie is a very controllable driver with moderate glide, so it works well for those pesky low-ceiling shots.
  • Hyzer flips. Hyzer flips are where you throw an understable disc on a hyzer angle so that it holds a straight line instead of fading to the right. Hyzer angles are pretty much the opposite of anhyzer angles–instead of pointing the nose up and towards you, point it down and away from you.
  • Tailwinds. Although the Valkyrie is a moderate glide, if you throw it with a bit of a higher angle it’ll still perform well during tailwinds.
  • Downhill shots. Downhill shots can increase the speed of your disc, which is why you need something more controlled when travelling downhill so that your disc doesn’t veer totally off-track.

Avenger SS vs. Valkyire: Similarities and differences

Both discs are great options for rollers because they are both understable discs with thick rims.

They can both be used in the presence of tailwinds because they are both understable drivers.

That’s about where the similarities end.

We can’t compare the flight ratings of these two discs because they come from two different manufacturers: Innova and Discraft. However, we can compare the uses of each disc in order to discern their differences.

The Avenger SS is a max distance driver suitable for intermediate and advanced players.

The Valkyrie is moderate distance, which makes it controlled and manageable for all skill levels.

The Avenger SS is very understable with very little fade, making it ideal for long, sweeping turnover shots.

The Valkyrie is slightly understable with more fade, making it appropriate for hyzer flips.

The Avenger SS, because of its high power, is great for uphill shots.

The Valkyrie, because of its controlled power, is great for downhill shots.

If you’re trying to decide which disc to purchase and you’re a beginner, the option is simple and straightforward: choose a Valkyrie.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced player trying to decide which disc to purchase, you need to consider what you intend to use the disc for.

The similarities between the two discs are minimal. If you need something for max distance and longer shots, go for the Avenger SS.

If you need something for more controlled shots, go for the Valkyrie.

Or, if you really want to add variety and tools to your disc golf bag, purchase both!

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com