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Innova’s Roadrunner is an extremely popular distance driver known for having excellent glide. The Innova Roadrunner in Innova’s Star plastic line is the signature disc of Gregg Barsby, the 2018 PDGA World Champion.

In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at who Gregg Barsby is and why he has a disc named after him.

We will then offer a brief Barsby Roadrunner Review at the end of this article, based on our research, after a brief summary of what the disc is and what it’s good for!

Who is Gregg Barsby?

Gregg Barsby has been a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association since 1999. He was active in sports throughout his entire childhood and well into his adulthood.

Barsby committed to his disc golf journey in 2001, after a horrible skateboarding accident left him with a broken ankle and bedridden for around six months.

He practiced disc golf for the next several years before committing to touring full-time in 2006.

He quickly rose above and beyond his peers, developing his skill and technique. His hard work and commitment lead to him being the PDGA World Champion in 2018.

He has a longstanding relationship with Innova, one of the top disc golf brands.

Of the Roadrunner, Barsby says, “I remember the first time I saw the Roadrunner in action…it was 2006, my friend Myles Harding threw a 700’ roller at the Vista del Camino course and just blew my mind. I had never seen a disc go that far at the time. From that moment on, I’ve always had respect for the disc and its capability. It’s great for new and experienced players; has a ton of glide, an easy-to-hold profile, and a relatively neutral flight pattern off the shelf. The star Roadrunner should be a comfortable fit for anyone’s bag!”

He continues, “It’s great for hyzer flip shots through the woods, that long glide at the end off the flight will hold a line, and for rollers there isn’t one disc I would recommend over the Roadrunner. It’s the best.”

The Barsby Roadrunner is just like the original Innova Roadrunner.

What makes it different is the custom artwork featured on the disc of a cartoon roadrunner.

The Roadrunner is a useful, versatile, and relatively suitable disc for any skill level. It’s flight numbers are: speed 9, glide 5, turn -4, and fade 1.

As we mentioned previously, this disc has excellent glide, is a great choice for roller shots, and works well for turnover shots as well.

Roller shots are where you throw an understable disc on an anhyzer angle so that it lands on its side and rolls down the fairway before coming to a stop.

In order for a disc to be suitable for rollers, it must be understable, and it must have a fairly thick rim.

Heavier discs are better for rollers because they’re less likely to bounce off the ground and ruin the roller.

Because the Roadrunner isn’t a max distance disc, using it for rollers can help compensate to cover more distance in one throw, keep your score low, and advance you towards your target.

The goal of turnover shots is to get the disc to fade in the direction opposite of where it wants to fade.

So, for example, on a right-hand backhand shot, pretty much all discs eventually fade to the left at the end of the flight path.

When throwing a turnover, you throw the disc at an angle such that it will finish right.

In order to throw a turnover, you’ll need to throw the disc at an anhyzer angle and release it a little higher than you normally would.

In the Star plastic, it’s available in weight ranges of 160 to 175 grams. The Star plastic is one of Innova’s most durable plastic lines.

It’s a rather hard and inflexible plastic, but it has a somewhat more improved and comfortable grip than the Innova Champion plastic (which is the most durable of the Innova plastics).

Although you might have to sacrifice some comfort and grip, it’s worthwhile because if you end up using the Roadrunner for rollers, you’ll want to ensure they can resist damage and wear and tear from the terrain of the fairway.

The Roadrunner will hold a rightward line before curving slightly back towards the left. This is on a right-hand backhand throw.

Barsby Roadrunner Review: Final thoughts

You can view the Innova Gregg Barsby Star Roadrunner Distance Driver Golf Disc at Amazon if you would like to learn more about how this product could potentially work for your needs.

As Barsby himself stated about the Roadrunner, the Innova Roadrunner is an appropriate choice for either beginners or pro players, and everyone in between.

It’s a very understable disc, which are typically easier for beginners to throw versus overstable discs.

The Roadrunner’s speed rating is 9, which, while being on the higher end, is still manageable for newer players.

The speed number dictates how much power needs to go into throwing the disc in order for it to fly the way it’s supposed to.

Speed is measured on a scale of 1 to 14, with 14 being the most advanced speed level.

As a beginner, if you tried throwing a 14 speed disc with very little developed power behind it, the disc would flop.

The Roadrunner can be thrown either forehand or backhand. In fact, it is a great disc to use when developing your forehand.

In order to develop a straight-flying forehand technique, we recommend purchasing the Barsby Roadrunner to develop your form.

Throwing it forehand on an anhyzer angle is also one of the best ways to achieve a beautiful roller shot.

If you want the Roadrunner to fade left at the end of the flight path, you’ll have to be precise with your shot. The Roadrunner is quite prone to flipping, so keep that in mind as you assess your skill level.

Overall, the Roadrunner is a popular and well-known disc for a reason. It’s versatile, easy to throw, and great for long rollers and turnovers.

As we mentioned above, remember it is a flippy disc. Some players experience a lot of difficulty with flippy discs so keep that in mind if you fall into that category.

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com @jarih