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While ultimate frisbee does not require very much equipment, the two main needs—a frisbee and some cleats—are of vital importance. 

While cleats may not seem like the most important thing while getting ready for a game, a good pair can actually be the difference between running with confidence and simply sliding all over the field.

Maintaining traction allows you to focus on your strategy rather than focusing on your feet.

But how do you pick the best cleats for ultimate frisbee?

This article will help you determine how to choose a pair of cleats that will not only meet your needs, but also help improve your game. 

Why should you use cleats in Ultimate Frisbee?

While you could certainly wear regular tennis shoes to play ultimate frisbee if you so choose, cleats are preferred because they allow for better traction on the field. 

Regular athletic shoes have a mostly flat sole which does not grip to soft surfaces as reliably. They are designed for harder surfaces, such as concrete or gym floors.

As a result, playing ultimate frisbee in tennis shoes can result in slipping on the grass, moving at a slower speed, and losing your footing.

Cleats, on the other hand, have studs on the soles that grip deeper into the ground, allowing you to gain traction.

This increased traction prevents you from slipping as easily and also makes changing directions while running safer and easier, which is extremely important for a game that involves a lot of running.

Cleats are also more comfortable for game play. Cleats are specifically made for sports and designed to be comfortable, supportive, and stable during long periods of activity.

They also provide added protection for your feet. 

For example, depending on the style of cleats, some of them are designed with addition ankle support; they are also made to withstand impact, such as kicks, and to absorb shock from running and jumping. 

Overall, wearing cleats will enhance your game. The added traction will help you increase your speed because you do not have to worry about losing your footing.

You will be able to maintain more fluid movements, and you will also be better protected against potential injuries.

With all of these advantages, cleats truly are an asset to a game of ultimate frisbee. 

What type of Ultimate Frisbee cleats?

While the popularity of ultimate frisbee is on the rise, there are not yet cleats on the market that are specifically designed with ultimate frisbee in mind.

As a result, most ultimate frisbee players wear cleats that are designed for football, soccer, or lacrosse since ultimate frisbee is played on a similar surface to these other sports.

While all are designed to help increase traction, there are some key differences among these three types.

Football cleats are designed for forward movement, so they typically have a front tow stud to help with traction.

The front stud is screwed in which makes football cleats heavier, and they are bladed for better traction and speed.

The studs on football cleats are also longer than those of soccer and lacrosse cleats, which allows them to dig into the ground more and gain more traction on softer surfaces.

The style of these cleats is high- or mid-cut, meaning they go farther up the ankle; this provides additional ankle support, but is not as easy to move in as a low-cut style. 

Soccer cleats are built for running longer periods, so they are more lightweight than football cleats. 

They have rounded studs, which makes movement more stable and is better for agility.

Soccer cleats have a low-cut style which does not offer extra ankle support, but does improve maneuverability. 

Lacrosse cleats are very similar to soccer cleats but are a bit heavier and they go a little higher on the ankle, providing a little more ankle support but a little less ease of movement than soccer cleats. 

Each of these types could work as ultimate frisbee cleats, so your primary focus should be choosing a pair that fit your specific needs.

For example, if you have weaker ankles or have previously suffered a foot or ankle injury, high-cut cleats will suit you better because they offer more protection.

If you want more flexibility in your movement, a low-cut cleat would serve you best. 

Similarly, you would also want consider your preference on weight, material and the types of studs that feel the best to you.

Thinking about what position you are going to play can also help you decide on which would be best for you.

If you play as a cutter, you may find that football cleats work best for you because they are designed for forward motion and traction.

If you play as a handler, soccer cleats might be more beneficial for you because they are better for lateral movement and maneuverability. 

Since any of these types of cleats would be advantageous for ultimate frisbee, it is most important to choose a pair of cleats that provide the comfort and protection that you specifically need to play at your best. 

Best cleats for Ultimate Frisbee

There are a number of cleat options that could potentially work well for use in Ultimate Frisbee. It really depends on what type of cleat you prefer to use.

We’ve highlighted a few options below.

If you prefer football cleats:

Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Football Shoe

These shoes are a great option if football cleats work better for your needs. 

The cleats weigh 14 ounces, and the shaft measures approximately 7.5 inches from the arch. 

The insoles are made from a High-rebound SuperFoam, which not only provides optimal comfort, but also helps with shock absorption.

Comfort is also added through the 3D molded tongue; this helps ensure the shoe will mold to your foot, resulting in a better overall fit. 

These cleats are form fitting at the ankle for added protection. This snug fit also helps during game play by providing better stability, and therefore, greater speed. 

The full-length cleat plate is built to last and helps ensure you will be stable on your feet.  

These cleats have triangular studs that provide greater traction in all directions so that you do not slip during activity. 

These cleats come in a wide variety of color options, so you can choose a pair that matches your personal style or maybe even your team colors. 


  • All-over comfort
  • Ankle protection and stability
  • Triangular studs for better traction
  • Variety of color options


  • Heavier
  • Less agility/maneuverability in ankle

View at Amazon to learn more about how this cleat might work for you.

If you prefer soccer cleats:

adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Adidas Copa Mundial are one of the most popular soccer shoes of all time and are a great option if you prefer soccer cleats.  

These are extremely lightweight at only 11.7 ounces. 

These are low-top style cleats which allow for better ankle mobility and make maneuverability more effortless. 

There is also added comfort through the soft, synthetic lining and through the lightweight midsole. 

The studs on the bottom are cone-shaped for increased stability. 

These cleats have a leather upper, and the forefoot is made of 100% kangaroo leather, which is not only comfortable, but also allows for increased flexibility. 

The dual-density outsole is designed for firm ground, allowing you to gain traction on natural grass. 

These cleats do not come in an abundance of color options, but they have the classic Adidas black and white stripes on the side for a sleek, recognizable look.  


  • Lightweight
  • Made of premium, soft leather
  • Good traction for firm ground
  • Conical studs for stability
  • Better agility


  • Limited color options
  • Not ideal for AstroTurf  

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

If you prefer lacrosse cleats:

adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Cleat – Men’s Lacrosse

If lacrosse cleats are your preference, Adidas has a great option in the Adizero 5-Star 7.0.

These cleats have a sock-like fit, fitting close to the foot without being too tight or applying too much pressure to the foot. The design provides all-around support for comfort and protection during physical activity. 

This pair has an anatomical lace structure that helps alleviate pressure on the top of the foot, thus increasing comfort without sacrificing a snug fit.

The style is a low-top design which helps increase agility and range of motion at the ankle. 

The inside of the shoe is constructed with a single-layer synthetic called Sprintskin that is extremely lightweight, but still provides quality support. 

Speed Spat seem tape is carefully placed on the cleats to increase lockdown, meaning your feet will not slide around in your shoes. The tape also allows for flexibility in the upper. 

The Sprintframe plate on the bottom of the shoe has an external heal. The plate has sprintstuds and a rotational traction zone, allowing for incredible traction while running. 

These cleats are black and metallic silver, a color combination that gives them a sleek, stylish appearance.


  • All-over comfort
  • Snug fit without squeezing
  • Designed so your feet won’t slide in your shoes
  • Low-top style for increased range of motion
  • Better traction


  • No color variety
  • No ankle protection

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for you. 

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