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It can be frustrating being a leftie, because it feels like everything in the world is designed for right-hand dominant people! The same is true for the disc golf world.

When you’re reading articles on which discs to use for certain throws or techniques, the majority are written through the eyes of a right-hand player.

Being a left-handed player is by no means a disadvantage — in fact, in some situations it can give you an advantage over the right-handed crowd!

While there are no discs out there specifically designed for right-handed or left-handed folks (since it has more to do with how you use the disc than the disc itself), we’re going to walk you through our recommendations on the best disc golf discs for lefties to help you make the best choice!

Learning to throw left-handed

If you’re naturally left-handed, learning to throw a disc golf disc left-handed will be just as difficult as right-handed players first starting out.

However, there are a lot of advantages to naturally right-handed players learning to throw left-handed as well.

A couple of reasons you might want to learn left-handed throws as a right-hand dominant person are:

  • Right hand or right arm injuries
  • Additional advantage for different situations

Continuous practice with only one arm can lead to muscle fatigue and damage to your muscles or joints.

If you’re an avid player but your arm needs a break, start practicing left-hand shots.

Additionally, some right-hand dominant players find they have better power in their left arm for certain shots, which is why they’ve learned to play ambidextrously.

Either way, there are advantages for developing technique in both arms instead of just one.

However, whether you’re naturally left-handed or a right-hand dominant person, it’s important to understand some of the differences between right-hand and left-hand playing.

Differences between right and left-handed playing

Let’s start with two of the most basic and oft-used throws: the backhand and the forehand.

If you’ve ever watched or played tennis, you’ll be familiar with the concept of the backhand throw! To throw backhand shot, your arm crosses in front of your body, then extends in front of your body on the release.

For forehand (or sidearm) shots, the hand holding the disc extends out behind you (think of a Warrior 2 pose in yoga), then crosses in front of the body to release the disc.

Backhand throws have greater distance potential than sidearm shots, though sidearm is definitely better in certain situations!

Generally, the advice given to new left-handed disc golf players is to learn how to throw left-hand forehand, since this will result in the same effect as a right-hand backhand shot.

This also allows you to use the same discs that right-handed players use.

The type of shot you use isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to playing disc golf left-handed. You also have to understand some of the angles.

Hyzer and Anhyzer

When learning about different disc golf techniques, most players learn in reference to right-hand shots.

When people talk about how a hyzer shot is one that goes to the left and anhyzers go to the right before hooking left, they’re speaking from the perspective of right-hand back-hand throws.

This can be confusing if you’re a left-handed player.

Hyzer shots happen when the nose of your disc is facing down and away from you upon release.

These discs hold a line to the left with a gradual curve to the left at the end of their shot.

Again, this is in reference to a right-hand backhand throw.

The best discs for hyzer shots on right-hand backhand throws are overstable discs with mid to high range speed capabilities, high glide, low to mid turn, and low to mid fade.

Anhyzer shots begin right at the initial part of their flight before hooking left at the end of the flight pattern. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: this is in reference to throwing right-hand backhand!

The best discs for anhyzer shots on right-hand backhand throws are understable discs with mid to high speed capacity (depending on your skill level), high glide, mid to high turn, and higher fade.

If you want to throw left-hand backhand, then you’ll either need to reverse these, or else learn to throw left-hand forehand.

What to look for in the best leftie disc golf disc


There’s not anything to look for, because disc golf for lefties isn’t that different of an experience.

It’s not about whether your right-handed or left-handed, but about how well you understand throwing technique and the flight characteristics of the individual discs.

When you understand how hyzer and anhyzer are for left-handed players throwing left-hand backhand shots, you’ll know what disc is suitable for what you need.

We’re going to echo some of the advice of the pros: as a leftie, you should probably learn forehand!

Best disc golf discs for lefties

For the most appropriate disc for a left-handed disc golf player, there are a number of options that could potentially work well. The following products should provide you with a good place from which to start your search.

Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc

This mid-range disc from Discraft is a classic. It has a stability of .5, making it ideal for right-handed and left-handed players alike to shoot straight, accurate shots.

It comes in five different weight categories: 167 to 169 grams, 170 to 172 grams, 173 to 174 grams, and 177+ grams.

This disc is manufactured from Discraft’s Z line plastic blend, which is similar to Innova’s champion blend.

It’s a pro-level choice, but can work well for beginner and intermediate players as well.

One downside when ordering disc golf discs from the majority of manufacturers is that you cannot specifically select a disc in the color you want.

While their discs are always high-visibility and generally bright colors, you cannot guarantee you’ll get your color of choice.

Performance-wise, this is a great mid-range disc to have in your arsenal for some of those straighter shots.

This disc would not be ideal for hyzer or anhyzer shots because of its stability–though if anything, it would hyzer out since it is right in the middle of stable and overstable.

All in all, it might not be the best choice for true-blue beginners who don’t know how to execute proper wrist technique when throwing.

You can use this disc for either backhand or forehand throws. The Buzzz holds the line well in spite of wind or rain!

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for you.


  • Adaptable for either right-handed or left-handed players
  • Shoots a straight shot when thrown correctly
  • Could technically be used for some hyzer shots
  • High-quality, durable plastic
  • Variety of weight ranges


  • Not the most beginner-friendly mid-range disc
  • No guaranteed color choice

Westside Discs VIP Hatchet Fairway Driver Golf Disc

This is a great choice for left-hand back-hand players who need the disc to hold the left line. Its ratings are: Speed 9, Glide 6, Turn -2, and Fade 2.

In the right-hand backhand world, this is a great choice for shots that need to travel right before turning left.

In the left-hand backhand world, this is a great choice for shots that need to hold the left line before fading further left at the end.

This disc has a more limited weight range: 160 to 169 grams, 170 to 172 grams, and 173 to 176 grams.

The heavier the disc, the more power it requires to operate, so this is not an ideal disc for a player who struggles to power their shots.

This is made from Westside’s VIP plastic line. This plastic line is heavy-duty, durable, and transparent.

The VIP plastic maintains its flight characteristics and reliability for quite a long time before changing.

This plastic is suitable for pros and beginners alike.

View at Amazon for more information on how these products could work for your game.


  • Good for driver shots that need to hold the left line
  • Durable, high-quality material
  • Suitable for right-handed or left-handed players


  • More limited weight range
  • Colors may vary

Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc

This is one of the best left handed disc golf discs. It is quite easy to get this disc to turn as a left-handed player.

It’s also very beginner friendly. Its stats are: Speed 6, Glide 5, Turn -2, and Fade 1.

Although it won’t be the speediest disc out there, it is still manageable enough for beginners to use, and its high glide will help compensate for lack of speed.

You can use this disc for long, straight shots, slight right line shots, and high turnover shots. A lot of players also recommend this disc for roller shots.

The Innova Leopard comes in four weight ranges: 145 to 150 grams, 165 to 169 grams, 170 to 172 grams, and 173 to 175 grams.

This is a broad, wide variety so that you can find a weight suitable for your skill level and a variety of weather conditions.

This PDGA-approved disc is manufactured from Innova’s DX plastic line. It is one of their most bought, most popular lines because of its durability and comfortable grip.

Over time and extensive use, its flight characteristics will change, but it will be gradual enough for you to learn with the disc as it changes.

View at Amazon for more on how this disc may work for you.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Useful for a variety of shots
  • Compatible with right-handed or left-handed players
  • Variety of weight ranges
  • Durable and high quality


  • Colors vary

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com @jarih