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It’s not hard to get into a difficult situation when you are on the disc golf course.

And when there’s a big obstacle in your way, you may not be able to use your typical disc golf throwing style.

In other situations, you may need an accurate shot to get your farther instead of the go-to throw you usually use.

In each of these cases, a tomahawk throw may be the best option. It can help you get over large obstacles or be a great throw if you need to pinpoint exactly the disc needs to land.

In this article, we’ll highlight some key tips and products to help you find the best disc golf disc for tomahawk throws to help you through your next game.

What is a Tomahawk Throw in disc golf?

Basically, a tomahawk throw is an overhand disc golf throw. You will use a similar motion to when you throw an overhand baseball.

When you throw a tomahawk, you will use the same type of grip that you do for a forehand driver.

When should you use tomahawk throws?

You would need to throw a tomahawk throw for several reasons.

The first is for accuracy. When you need your disc to land in a specific spot, the tomahawk throw will be a good choice to achieve your goal.

This is particularly true if you are on level ground since the tomahawk throw will help to drop the disc very accurately.

The second situation is when you need to avoid a large obstacle.

With the tomahawk throw, you can throw the disc with an arch that makes it perfect for throwing the disc over something.

This is also a great shot when you need to get out of a hazard in a game as well as a handy way to finish.

Right-handed players will corkscrew the disc and move from the right to the left while left-handed players will reverse its path.

If you are a sidearm dominated player, the tomahawk throw is a good option if you need your disc to land the opposite way, and the grip that you will use for both shots is the same.

How to perform a Tomahawk throw

When performing the tomahawk throw, use the same you that you are comfortable using when you perform a forehand throw.

First, vertically hold the disc with the flight place facing you and then pinch the rim in between the knuckles of your pointer finger and thumb.


Use a controlled and smooth walk or run up that is similar to how you would throw a forehand shot.

Remember that you will need to shift your weight to your front leg from your back generating forward momentum with your lower body that will then be transferred to the disc.

This will lessen the stress on your elbow and shoulder.

If you want to add even more and lessen the stress on your shoulder and elbow.

To add more momentum to the throw, you may want to add a little crow-hop along with your approach, king of like what an outfielder does.

Arm motion

The basic arm motion for both the tomahawk and thumber throws is pretty much identical.

Many parts of the forehand and backhand throw translate to overhand shots as well.

Just like common throws, you want to make sure to stay controlled, slow, and smooth with your movements until you are ready to release the disc causing most of the acceleration to happen.

Next, bring back the disc to the side or back of your head or back towards your ear.

This will help you get use more of your body in the throw and stop unnecessary stress on your shoulder, which can happen when you try to throw a tomahawk shot as the disc is outstretched from your body.

Then, bring the disc forward and accelerating the most to the right before you let the disc leave your hand over your head.

Make sure you always follow through towards your target.

If you are interested in seeing the throw in action, check out this video.

Types of discs that work well for Tomahawk Throws

Overstable Discs

If you are looking for distance, an overstable fairway driver is the best type of disc to use with the tomahawk throw.

However, an overstable low-speed distance driver can be a good choice for distance as well.

A driver in these speed ranges will work well since they will take a little longer to finish a corkscrew flight rotation that is in the tomahawk throw, plus they are more predictable since the disc will fly longer and achieve more distance.

Understable Discs

One of the best disc for hammer throws is an understable disc since they tend to be in the low distance speed range in the fairway.

In the air, these discs form a tight barrel roll and will move to the left and right less allowing the disc to fall on the ground faster.

This disc also is a good choice when playing around trees, for small gaps, and when you need to move around a large obstacle quickly and then back to the ground.

Best Disc Golf Disc for Tomahawk Throw

There are a number of disc options that might work for use with a tomahawk throw. It’s important to always consult an industry professional before using any new product.

The following discs could work well to start your search.

Latitude 64 Gold Burst XXX Fairway Driver Golf Disc

Ideal for a tomahawk throw, the Gold Burst XXX will quickly become your go-to when you are out on the field.

This is a great disc for throwing farther and is a nice overstable fairway driver.

With a wide rim, this disc will feel great in your hand, which will help with your overhead throws.

This is a beadless disc that is made with Gold Line premium plastic.

This plastic type gives you a great grip and doesn’t compromise the disc’s durability.

The Gold Burst XXX also has a good artistic look thanks to the cool “burst” design that is highlighted by the sturdy plastic.

In comparison to other discs, you can get between 30 and 50 feet with your overhead throws.

Offering consistent flight, it will also gain another foot or so when it hits or skips on the ground thanks to its slim rim design.

This overstable disc will also fade to the left while still acquiring more distance, which helps it to go over any obstacles if you throw it higher for a tomahawk shot.

Considered one of the best discs for the tomahawk throw, the Gold Burst XXX is pretty versatile and is also handy for forehand throws, thumber shots, and backhands shots as well as flex shots.

This disc is a great choice for intermediate, experienced, and professional players.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.


  • This is a good disc for long to medium throws
  • It’s versatile enough to use for several types of throws
  • It’s consistent and has a nice feel and grip


  • Not a good choice for beginners

DGA Hellfire Fairway Overstable Distance Driver

If you are looking for a disc that you can get over obstacles, the DGA Hellfire is great to have with you to get you trouble.

It’s a great disc for tomahawk throws and finding a way to get out of a hazard.

With incredible speed, this disc has a little glide that is perfect for skip shots.

Ideal for windy conditions, the DGA Hellfire can even withstand a strong headwind.

You can also use it when you only need it to be airborne for a short amount of time and end with a nice fade.

It also doesn’t turn over easily.

If you need to get some distance, it can do that too. The DGA Hellfire can get up to 350 feet, plus it’s pretty versatile.

You can use it for tomahawk throws as well as backhand, sidearm, and forehand shots as well as flex shots.

The DGA Hellfire is available in basic colors, minimal prints, and a low-profile design.

The top is flat making it comfortable when you grip it, and the durable plastic is made from a premium quality material.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.


  • It is a great disc to use in strong wind
  • This disc is quick and doesn’t easily turn over
  • It’s pretty versatile and can be used with several throws


  • It only stays in the air for a short amount of time

Discraft Flick Elite Z Golf Disc

Featuring a unique design, the Flick Elite Z has a flat top, thick rim, and a thin profile.

Helping to define how it flies through the air, this disc is made from Z-Line plastic that makes it very durable and long-lasting.

Plus, with this translucent plastic comes in vibrant hues making them very eye-catching.

This is an extremely overstable disc that can get some high speeds.

When you use it in an overhand shot, you will see the huge fade that won’t turn over easily.

The Flick Elite Z is also great in the wind with its ability to still maintain a long and smooth range drive.

With this disc, you will need to throw it hard, particularly with sharp hyzer shots or forehand shots.

This is a great dis for advanced and intermediate players.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.


  • It gives you intense overstability
  • This disc doesn’t turn over easily with a powerful throw
  • It works well in high winds
  • PDGA Approved


  • It’s not for beginners

Adding the tomahawk throw to your repertoire can be great for your disc golf game.

This is a good utility shot when you need to get over large trees or place and accurate shot in the fairway.

With the right disc, the tomahawk throw will fly farther and have a more predictable flight.

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