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Disc golf is a wildly popular sport that can get you out into nature, plus give you an excellent chance to improve your health and fitness while having fun.

You may think that all it requires is a good pair of sneakers and a traditional Frisbee.

Well, you have half the equation correct.

There is a great deal more strategy and finesse necessary to play disc golf than just hurling a disc as far and as straight as you can.

Disc golf resembles traditional golf in one respect.

Disc golfers need to perform different shots from various angles and under different circumstances.

One disc will not be enough.

So, what does every disc golfer need to get started?

Let’s explain why you need more than one disc and what types of discs will prove most useful.

We’ll finish with three suggestions for your disc golf starter sets.

Why do you need a disc golf set as a beginner?

Avid disc golf enthusiasts have probably heard a newbie first-time player ask a common question.

Why can’t you just use your world-class Frisbee to play disc golf?

It’s the same thing, right? That’s where the more experienced player smiles.

A Frisbee meets some criteria for use on a disc golf course.

It is flat, round in shape, and you throw it basically using the same motion.

That’s where the similarities end and the dramatic differences between a disc golf disc and a Frisbee start.

The differences are incredible and vital to how well you play disc golf.

Once we dispense of the similar characteristics, we can explain what the differences are and why they are so important.

Answering these two questions will clearly explain why you need a disc golf set, even as a beginner.

A traditional Frisbee is weighted to perform different types of throws and tricks.

That’s about the only unique feature one Frisbee has from another.

Disc golf discs are designed far differently.

Different discs are weighted different from other discs.

There is a pitch to the lip around the disc that will produce different levels of updraft under the disc.

Different ratings indicate a disc will fly farther, or fly straighter.

Disc golf discs are also counterbalanced differently.

Advanced level players will have an arsenal of discs in their bag for a variety of course situations.

The counterbalancing causes certain discs to turn more than others.

The ratings are based on a normal overhand motion by a right-handed thrower.

Discs are weighted differently to fly farther and with a higher degree of accuracy.

There is also a stable and balanced disc that you will use in and around the basket.

Trying to use anything but a putter disc in disc golf will probably produce disappointing numbers on your scorecard.

So, now that you appreciate why there are so many different disc choices for a disc golf set, what ones should you pick for your starter set?

Let’s talk about what type of discs you’ll find most useful, plus those discs that you should not be without.

What to look for in a good starter set for disc golf

We’re going to dispense of the first disc that every starter set needs.

If you do not have a stable disc with true flight characteristics, one that you can control around the basket, your scores will suffer tremendously.

Make sure your set has a disc golf putter.

All putters are not the same either, but for beginners, just having a disc designed for short controlled throws is sufficient.

Next, you want to get as much distance as possible out of your tee shot.

However, you also want the disc to land in the same hemisphere.

Wild shots off the tee will invariably add strokes onto your scorecard.

Penalty strokes for slinging an errant drive out-of-bounds are also unacceptable.

However, even the advanced disc golf will have one get away from them from time-to-time.

The way to guard against bad shots on your drive is to use the right driver.

There are different drivers for holes of varying length.

Drivers are also counterbalanced to include a more pronounced curve.

These are great for dog-leg holes or obstacles between you and your objective.

One dedicated driver is usually sufficient for a disc golf starter set.

The reason is that the other discs in your arsenal can be used in different tee shot situations.

That brings us to our next set of discs. Some beginner sets will have only one mid-range fairway disc.

This will limit your options tremendously, not only for shorter tee shots, but difficult lies you may find yourself in on the fairway.

While one mid-range disc is okay, we recommend having two or three extra discs in your bag besides your dedicated driver and putter.

A nice low-speed disc with little to zero turning tendencies will handle shots when the basket is close, but not close enough for your putter.

Another disc that has an average weight and corresponding flight range, but a high-degree of turn may prove useful.

You will become more comfortable with these types of discs the more you play. They are excellent for getting out of unforeseen jams.

Put a heavy disc on this list, probably your go-to driver.

One disc weighing 180 grams can be paired with a mid-range fairway disc weighing 150 to 160 grams.

This will give you a pair of discs to get from the tee to basket striking distance.

Add another heavier disc, from 170 grams, which has a higher-degree of turn.

The last disc in a five disc beginner set should include one that fits your throwing style.

You’re going to need to practice good technique, so don’t add a specific disc to compensate for poor technique.

Adding a bag to carry your disc isn’t a must, but it’s a good idea. Many of the best disc golf starter packages include a bag.

If the set you choose doesn’t have a bag designed for disc golf discs specifically, get yourself a nice backpack until you can add one.

Best Disc Golf Starter Set

Now that we’ve addressed the benefits of having a disc golf set, even as a beginner, plus what you should include in your set, here are three solid packages for our best disc golf starter set.

Innova Disc Golf Starter Set – Colors May Vary 160-180g – DX Putter, Mid-Range, Driver

Innova is very popular among competitive disc golf players. The discs are made using quality materials, and they have a reputation for durability.

Most importantly, the range of the five discs in this set will address virtually any situation on the course.

The Innova Disc Golf Starter Set contains a highly rated putter disc.

The Aviar Putter is frequently the choice of high-level competitive disc golfers. It’s stable and accurate.

The set also contains an excellent range in the four remaining discs.

It is very important to note for a beginner that there is a long-range driver with a high-rating for controllability.

This will help you keep those tee shots from straying off the fairway.

The other three discs make a nice combination of mid-range drivers and fairway discs.

The Destroyer is a stable fairway driver that will provide you a defense against heavy headwinds.

In the middle is the TeeBird disc. This may become your go-to disc for most fairway approach shots and your short game near the basket.

Innova discs frequently cost slightly more than the competition, but they prove worth the investment.

Despite not having a carrying case, this is a high-quality disc golf beginner set that provides outstanding shot diversity.

View at Amazon for more information on how this set could work for you.


  • With only five discs to select from, you will benefit from learning varied throwing techniques.
  • Despite having only five discs, the range of situations you will encounter on a disc golf course is well covered.
  • The five discs in the Innova Disc Golf Starter Set are a perfect beginning point for building an advanced array of disc choices.


  • There is no case included with the Innova Disc Golf Starter Set.
  • Innova has a solid reputation for disc quality, but they do cost more per disc.

CROWN ME Disc Golf Set with 6 Discs and Starter Disc Golf Bag – Fairway Driver, Mid-Range, Putter Disc

Our next suggested starter disc golf package is an excellent option for beginners.

It is an affordable set, but it also has enough disc variety to give you a chance to play well.

The CROWN ME Disc Golf Set has three drivers.

Each has a different stability rating and turning radius.

This will give you options off the tee, plus three discs to handle variable fairway situations.

This set also includes three mid-range discs. There is one that has a high degree of turning radius.

CROWN ME completes this excellent beginner’s package with three putters.

This may seem like overkill to some.

However, this will give you the opportunity to develop your putting style by using different putter discs.

View at Amazon for more information on how this set might work for you.


  • This six disc package supplies you with enough diversity to handle various course conditions.
  • The CROWN ME Disc Golf set includes discs that are adequate for higher levels of play.
  • There are two additional carrying case color options, blue and pink, plus the standard black.


  • The Crown Me Disc Golf Set discs do not list the speed/glide rating on the discs themselves.
  • While the carrying case is an excellent beginner option, it is not big enough to add additional discs or extra items such as a water bottle.

Trademark Innovations Disc Golf Set (9 Discs) with Disc Golf Bag

The last suggestion for an excellent disc golf starter set has nine discs. This is a highly recommended set for someone who has never played disc golf.

One aspect of disc golf that beginners struggle with is finding a comfortable putting disc.

The Trademark Innovations Disc Golf Set has three different putters. They offer varying degrees of glide, fade and turn.

This can help out beginners in difficult putting situations, but it also lets you get a feel for what rating of putter you most prefer.

The set offers the same diversity with the three drivers and three mid-range discs.

Some discs may be used only in unique situations.

However, having choices in your bag can help you knock strokes off your score every time you head out to the course.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for you.


  • A full arsenal of nine discs will allow you to attack the course from every angle.
  • This is an excellent budget option for beginners on the list of the best disc golf starter set choices.
  • The overall weight range of the nine discs is from 147 grams to 170 grams.


  • The carrying case with the Trademark Innovations Disc Golf Set stores your discs vertically, so you have to take them all out to get at the one in the bottom.
  • While nine discs will give you options on the course, it can also present a false sense of security when you need to practice alternative throwing styles.

Hopefully, now you appreciate there is more to disc golf than just slinging a round disc in the air.

With a better understanding of what different discs are for on the course, you can also appreciate why a good starter set is essential.

One or two discs in your bag, is not a wise idea.

These tips on the things you need in a basic disc golf set will help you get started.

Finally, any of these three disc golf starter sets will give you an excellent array of discs.

Grab yourself a starter kit and head out for the course. Your first disc golf birdie may be on your next hole.

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