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A good disc golf towel is a must for any disc golfer, so make sure you don’t hit the disc golf course without yours.

These hand towels are great whether you are playing in the heat or rain since they are designed to either dry your sweaty hands or your discs.

Without a perfect grip, you will end up with a higher score and poor throws, which no one wants.

Finding a disc golf towel for your game can be a challenge with all the choices on the market.

It’s important to find an absorbent towel that will help to keep your discs clean and dry.

Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best disc golf towels for your next game.

Benefits of a Disc Golf Towel

Disc Cleaning

Since you play disc golf outside, you and your disc can become dirty.

Discs are always falling onto the ground exposing them to grass, leaves, and dirt during just in a normal game of disc golf.

It’s important to have a disc golf towel with you to clean off your disc so you can play your best.

Disc Drying

Another use for a disc golf towel is to dry your disc since they can get wet during a game.

If you haven’t played in the rain, you have at least played on a wet course after a rainstorm, so you know how important it is to have a towel with you to dry off your disc as you play.

Even when you play on a dry course, your hands can become sweaty or you may encounter a water hazard that can make your disc wet as well.

Improved Grip

If you play disc golf, you know that your grip on the disc is the beginning of how you will release it.

You need a firm grip on your disc or it can cause you to either release the disc too late or too early.

Your grip is also crucial to ensure your release point.

Having hands and a disc that are clean and dry is important.

So, make sure you have a good quality towel along with you to improve your grip as you play.


Did you know that you don’t need a basket or even a disc to practice disc golf?

You can actually practice with just your disc golf towel.

By using your towel, you can improve your disc golf game.

All you have to do is hold a disc golf towel in front of as if you were throwing a disc.

And, just like when you reach back during a drive, you bring your towel back and then pull it forward before following through.

Once you hear that snap of your towel, you know that you have good form.

With this type of practice, you can help to accelerate your disc through the shot.

How to use a towel in disc golf

A good towel is important no matter what sport you play whether its disc golf, basketball, cricket, or soccer.

Any sport will require that you move around quickly making your sweat no matter if you play outdoors or indoors.

Traditionally, disc golf is played outside, so you have a good chance of just sweating as you stand in the sun.

This can range from little beads of sweat on your forehead that is easy to wipe off with a wristband to finding yourself drenched all over your neck and face requiring a dry towel.

With a disc golf towel, you not only have a nice dry towel to keep you and your disc dry, but you also get a practice throwing trainer.

Plus, you can use a disc golf towel to clean off other things that can get on your discs like dirt, debris, mud, ice, water, snow, or sweat.

Remember that any time your disc has moisture on it, it can slip causing you to have bad throws.

Types of towels that work well for disc golf


There are several material options available when it comes to a disc golf towel.

The main two materials that you will see are microfiber and pure cotton.

The best towels on the market will use one of these materials since they are absorbent, soft, and use an attractive waffle-weave design.

Absorbency is key when it comes to a disc golf towel.

Microfiber is a great material when it comes to fast and easy drying of your disc.

Remember that it is important that your disc golf towel can soak all the water off your disc and your hands easily.

Plus, it should be able to remove debris and dirt and be easy to wash.


Disc golf towels are not very large, but usually, they should be large enough to cover a disc.

Depending on the brand, some towels are smaller than others.

Make sure the disc golf towel you choose is large enough to clean and absorb the moisture that your disc will see during a game.


While a disc golf towel may not seem a lot different than a typical household towel, there are a few marked differences between the two types.

The biggest difference is the ability of the disc towel to absorb water that is triple its own weight.

Best towels for disc golf

There are a number of towels that may work well for use in disc golf. The following products may help to get your search started.

Towch Disc Golf Towel Pouch – 3 to 5 Disc Bag

A combination of a towel and a pouch, the Towch Disc Golf Towel has a smooth exterior and a coarse interior.

Made of high strength cotton, the Towch has designed the cotton interior for whipping discs and uses its textured looped fabric for cleaning power.

This innovative design allows you to easily place a disc inside to dry off without getting your hands dirty

The reversible design allows your hand to feel a smooth fabric and allows the rough interior to touch the disc.

The Towch can also be used for additional disc storage or in place of a bag if you only want to play with a few discs.

Once you have used the Towch to clean a disc, simply rub it clean from the outside.

You can also place a wet disc inside the Towch to dry until you need it again.

This towel is available in several colors, so you can easily find one that fits your style.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.


  • It has a unique design that is handy on the disc golf course
  • You can use it for storage or instead of a bag if needed
  • The material is super strong and absorbent


  • When you use it to dry a muddy disc, the mud stays in it and will get on other discs
  • The included rings are low-quality

INNOVA DewFly Microsuede Disc Golf Towel

Nice-quality and super absorbent, the Innova DewFly Disco Golf Towel is made of microsuede and easily picks up water that is on your hands or your discs.

Made with a shammy material, this not only absorbs moisture, but also wicks it off well.

With its cling-free texture, you also won’t have to remove debris and dirt off of it while you are playing.

Measuring 17 x 16 1/2 -inches, this is a handy-sized towel that is available in several colors.

And, it comes with a loop, so you can easily attach it to a hook on your bag strap.

The Innova Dewfly Disc Golf Towel uses a buttery soft microsuede fabric that debris and leaves won’t cling to if you drop in on the ground.

This lint-free and machine washable towel is really absorbent and acts almost like a wet-vac for towels.

Plus, the handy fabric loop won’t break, scratch, or rust like a metal hook will.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for your game.


  • This is an incredibly absorbent towel
  • It is a perfect size and washes easily
  • The material doesn’t allow anything to cling to it


  • It’s a little smaller than some users expected

DGA Disc Dri Golf Towel

Compact and functional, the DGA Disc Dri Golf Towel is lightweight and measures 12 x 16-inches.

This is a great sized towel for those that like to keep it in their pocket for easy accessibility.

You can also store it in a bag or use the included clasp to keep it attached to a bag strap.

Constructed of very absorbent material, the DGA Disc Dri Golf Towel easily removes moisture from your discs.

Plus, it is simple to wring out once its wet to make it dry again.

Or you can toss it in the washing machine to clean it.

This nice-quality towel is also perfect for removing sweat off your hands or keeping your disc golf gear dry.

The DGA Disc Dri Golf Towel is a handy option and can absorb up to four times its weight. This durable towel is a must for avid disc golf players.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for your game.


  • It is easy to store and clean
  • You just need to wring it out to make it dry
  • The material is very absorbent and keeps your hands dry


  • It’s smaller than some users expected

A good disc golf towel can have a tremendous effect on your disc golf game.

As you play a game of disc golf, you will not only run into dirt and debris, but you can encounter water, sweat, and mud that can affect your throw.

Having the right type of disc golf towel will help you throw correctly and grip your disc well, so it’s important to always carry a disc golf towel in your pocket or your disc golf bag to make sure you play your best.

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