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Utility and portability are great features to look for in the best discs for rollers.

Since a roller shot is considered a skill shot, it’s harder to consider the utility feature you want if you are an experienced disc golfer.

Remember that this is a hard category since a roller is executed in several different ways with a wide range of discs.

But what’s the best disc for roller shots in disc golf?

In this article, we’ll discuss some important roller shot tips and highlight several products that may work well for this shot to help you improve your game.

What is a Roller Shot in disc golf?

More experienced players will execute distance rollers by using a forehand or backhand motion that can give you the most distance when you are driving normally.

The key to throwing a successful roller shot is throwing an understable disc straight toward a basket by using an anhyzer release.

Your disc should fly towards the right side of the fairway before turning over and landing on its side.

Initially, the disc will bend its roll back to the left before it slows down at the end and hooks back toward the right.

Types of discs to use for throwing rollers

Flat Release Roller

This roller will fly out of your hand fairly low and level with the ground.

Due to its low altitude, this roller will hit the ground faster than the other types of roller providing you will less overall distance.

This is a good choice for those that need to make a more controlled roller shot.

This disc should land with a 45-degree angle before standing upright and rolling for a short distance and curving heavily.

You want to make sure this is a very flippy and understable disc.

The flat release roller will not be in the air thanks to the low altitude they fly in giving it more time to turn over quickly.

Max Distance Roller

With the max distance roller, you get a disc that will fly out of your hand with moderate altitude and on a heavy anhyzer release angle.

With a little higher altitude, this type of roller will give you a shot that flies farther, which is an advantage since there is less resistance in the air in comparison to the ground.

Usually, this type of roller hits the ground with an angle about 45-degrees before standing upright and rolling for a good distance and curving slightly to the side.

If you want maximum spin, you should throw this shot since more spin gives you more velocity and distance.

For this type of roller, you want a stable or neutral disc since they tend to be steady when they roll allowing them to remain on their edge longer than understable or overstable discs can providing more distance.

Cut Roller

This is a tricky type of roller.

A cut roller is thrown on a heavy to medium anhyzer angle with a release of max power allowing it to fight any flexing before turning over on its side.

When it is thrown right, this roller will land on the ground with an angle between 20 or 30-degrees before rolling with a wide curve in the path of the disc’s bottom.

The angle of the disc as it hits the ground makes this a tricky shot since it needs to be correct if the disc is to turn into the curve and not stand up when it rolls.

When this disc is thrown correctly, it will turn quickly into a max distance roller taking you farther away from the basket than you wanted.

You want an overstable disc for this type of roller, which will make it roll in the path of the disc’s bottom when it is thrown correctly.

What to look for in a good roller disc

  • Understable Flight — To help the disc turn over and then land on its side at the correct angle, it will need understability. The level of understability depends on the release velocity. If you have a high release velocity, you will only need a moderately understable disc to get the right amount of turnover. If you have low or moderate release velocity, you will need a more understable disc to guarantee you get the right landing.
  • High Speed and Wide Rim — A wide rim and high speed are important to get the most distance. With a wide rim, you can get a significant amount of the total weight around the disc’s perimeter. This is important since perimeter weighting will help the disc hold a higher level of rotational inertia, which means more rolling distance.
  • Weight — It is often assumed that a heavy disc will make the best roller, but it actually has little to no impact on the disc’s performance. It is the distribution of the weight towards the perimeter that is important.

Best Discs for Rollers

There are a number of discs that may work well for use with a roller shot. It’s important to always consult an industry professional before using any new product with your disc golf game.

The following discs may work well for roller shots.

Innova Disc Golf Champion Material Roadrunner Golf Disc

Featuring a lot of glide, the Innova Roadrunner is a long-range distance driver that makes a great long-range roller or finesse driver.

If you are a power thrower, you can use it for rollers and long turnover shots.

For those that are a less powerful thrower, it’s a great disc for low tunnel shots or long and straight shots.

With enough of a high-speed turn, the Innova Roadrunner will easily flip over and get to the ground.

If you are a beginner, this is a great choice for turnover shots.

It’s also ideal for a disc golfer that doesn’t regularly turn discs over since it will lessen fade while flying farther.

A favorite of both beginners and pros, the Innova Roadrunner has a speed rating of 9 and is very versatile thanks to its fade rating at 1, glide rating at 5, and turn at -4.

This is a slower distance driver, but it still glides well with a tendency to turn to the right as it starts its flight, although it will finish straighter than most discs.

With an overall straighter path in comparison to other discs, the Innova Roadrunner will give you more distance.

Pros will be able to use it for specialty shots and as a roller. If used for a distance shot, it can flip aggressively after about 250 feet.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.


  • It is easy for beginners to throw
  • You get more distance when thrown low
  • It has a high glide rating and low fade


  • It isn’t as accurate when it’s windy
  • It isn’t as stable as other distance drivers

Dynamic Discs Lucid Witness Fairway Driver Golf Disc

Featuring a speed rating at 8, the Dynamic Discs Witness makes a great roller disc.

This driver comes with a lot of turn making it a great choice for rolling.

Perfect for beginners, this is also a good choice for an anhyzer shot.

The dynamic Discs Witness also has a glide rating at 6, a turn rating at -3, and a fade rating at 1.

It can be used for hyzer flips and is a good choice as a fairway driver if you have lower arm speed.

Larger arms can use it for rollers, hyzerfipls, and anhyzers.

The Dynamic Discs Witness is a good choice for anyone that wants to throw like the pros, but don’t have the speed to get a gliding S Curve.

Designed for beginners, it proves incredible glide and easy distance as well as less fade and more high-speed turn.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.


  • This is a great choice for beginners
  • You get a lot of glide and easy distance
  • It has a lot of turn making it great for rolling


  • It’s too flippy for some users
  • It isn’t very consistent

Infinite Discs Disc Golf Straight Beginner Driver I-Blend Sphinx

Ideal for beginners, the Infinite Discs Spinx is a control and distance driver crossover that doesn’t fade quickly while covering a lot of distance.

With a speed rating of 9, this disc is manageable.

It flies easily and accurately and is a nice, understable disc for pros that want to use it for power rollers, hyzer flips, and long anhyzer throws.

The Infinite Discs Sphinx also has a glide rating of 6, a fade rating of 1, and a turn rating of -3.

This is a durable and long-lasting disc that gives you tons of turn and is perfect for rolling.

Beginners will love using this as their first driver.

Pros will enjoy the Infinite Discs Sphinx for hyzer flips and turnover shots.

The I-Blend plastic is not only durable, but its grip gives you great control.

Offering a metallic shine that is not only unique and attractive, but it’s also flexible and grippy, plus it is a great choice to use when you are playing when its cold outside.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.


  • It is very flexible and you can get a good grip on it
  • This is a great disc to use when it is cold outside
  • It’s a perfect disc for rolling


  • It’s stiffer than some users expected
  • It isn’t very stable right out of the box

When you have the right disc, throwing rollers can be a great way to lower your score.

Anytime you need a little more distance consider using a roller or when you have a low ceiling in front of you and you can’t throw over it.

As long as you are using the proper disc, a roller can be a great shot for the right situation.

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