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Finding the right disc to work with your throw can be hard, especially when you’re talking about a thumber.

When it comes to maximizing accuracy and distance, you need to have the right disc.

In this article, we highlight several products and tips that will help you choose the best disc for thumbers.

What is a thumber in disc golf?

Similar to throwing an overhanded baseball, the thumber throw is one type of overhand throws in disc golf.

You hold the disc vertically with the flight place facing away from you, which is the opposite of the tomahawk throw.

There are a couple of situations where you will want to throw a thumber.

One situation you want to use a thumber is for accuracy when you need to locate a specific spot where you want your disc to land.

When you use a thumber, you can easily get it there.

And, on level ground, you can drop a disc pretty accurately using a thumber throw.

Another situation you can use a thumber is when you want to go around an obstacle.

A thumber throw lets you send a disc in the air with an arch, so it’s great when you want to throw a disc over something in front of you.

The thumber shot is great to perfect for a scrambling game or to help you get out of a tough spot out on the course.

You can also use thumbers for a finish.

Right-handed players will use the disc to corkscrew through the air moving from the left to the right while left-handed players will have a reversed flight path.

How to throw a thumber

With the thumber throw, you hold the disc between your thumb and other fingers.

Your thumb sits on the rim’s inside, and the disc’s spin is created as the disc is thrown off of your thumb.

It can be difficult to throw a thumb quickly and not catch the disc in your thumber’s grip or change your grip.

A good thumber will have an overhand throw that will fade to the right if you are a right-handed thrower.

The reason it is called a thumber is because your grip involved the thumb sitting on the inside or underside of the flight plate.

If you hook your thumb on the rim’s inside, your index finger will be pointed straight and parallel to the bottom edge of the disc while your middle finger will support the disc’s bottom edge.

Basically, you will be making a pinching motion between your index finger and your thumb while supporting the edge of the disc with your middle finger.

When it is released at the top of your head with a straight arm, it will start high and then flatten out as it flies.

A thumber can be a good throw when you need to throw a disc quickly or give it a bit of height.

When you practice a thumber throw, it’s important to practice it at different release heights.

A lower thumber is created when you release the disc just over your shoulder causing it to fly flat the entire time it is in the air.

It’s important to learn and experiment how your disc will move when it turns over, so you know how far to the right and left of the target your need to aim.

Many users favor the thumber throw over the tomahawk throw due to the direction of the fade.

With a thumber throw, it will end up going right if you are a right-handed throw while a tomahawk throw will end up going left.

Also, some users feel more confident in their grip when using a thumber throw in comparison to a tomahawk throw.

Many players use the thumber throw as their main type of throw, and some find a lot of success with this approach.

However, it is limiting if you do not have a clean forehand shot or backhand shot to compliment the thumber throw.

Types of discs that work well for thumbers

A fairway driver that is overstable is an ideal disc for thumber throws. But you can also use a low-speed overstable distance driver if you want to gain some distance.

When you use a driver in this speed range, it can take longer to complete a corkscrew flight path, but it will be more predictable.

Plus, the longer your disc stays in flight, the more distance it will gain.

You can also use an understable disc as a low distance driver.

This disc can be useful for a thumber throw since it will have a tight barrel roll as it flies as well as less movement left to right while hitting the ground faster.

And, it will also work well for small gaps, getting around an obstacle, or when you are in the woods.

An overstable disc golf driver is the best choice for a thumber throw.

This is a throw that will quickly cut through the air as it flies using rotation to achieve maximum height.

The thumber throw is also a good throw during practice, especially if you are trying to break in an overstable disc.

An overstable is also good when practicing your thumber throwing skills since it will be the most consistent.

Best disc for thumbers

There are a number of discs that may work well for throwing thumbers in disc golf. It’s a good idea to consult an industry professional before using any new disc.

The following products may work well for your game.

Latitude 64 Opto Line XXX

The perfect overstable driver for the thumber throw, the Latitude 64 XXX can handle more than overhead shots. it’s a good choice for windy conditions, and you never have to worry about this disc turning over.

If you need to finish a hyzer, this is the disc to throw, plus it is a great choice for flex shots, side shots, and forehands.

This is not a disc for beginners.

The Latitude 64 XXX is a disc you can rely on no matter what the conditions.

It’s the perfect headwind driver and can bomb over anything. Made with Opto line plastic, this disc is a great overstable fairway driver.

This pretty thin disc features a pretty wide rim width. And, the Latitude 64 XXX also features a huge fade thanks to its fade rating of 4.

It has a speed rating of 7, a glide rating of 3, and a turn rating of 4.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.


  • It’s a good choice no matter what the weather conditions
  • This is a choice for overhead shots
  • The disc is pretty versatile, and you can use it for a lot of different types of shots


  • Turns too hard for some users

Innova Disc Golf Champion Material Firebird Golf Disc

An awesome overstable driver, the Innova Firebird features a speed rating of 9 and a glide rating of 3.

This is a chocie for spike hyzers, hyzer flexes, skip shots, and hyzer shots.

Plus, it is a good choice for thumbers.

This popular upwind distance driver is a mix of stability and incredible speed allowing you to throw drives easily into the wind.

The Innova Firebird is a good choice for throwing flex shots long-range and is also favored by overhead and sidearm throwers.

This is not a disc for beginners, but works well for pro-level players.

Featuring a turn rating of 0 and a fade rating of 4, the Innova Firebird provides a huge fading hook, but it isn’t that fast that you can’t control it, even by less powerful players.

This disc can easily handle a headwind and makes a good forehand driver.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.


  • It is a good disc to use in the wind
  • This disc is a good choice for advanced players
  • It’s very stable and is pretty fast


  • It is overstable for some users
  • This isn’t a good disc for a beginner

Discraft Nuke SS Elite Z Golf Disc

Made by Discraft, the Discraft Flick is a good forehand driver that can be also used for flex shots, spike hyzer, and sidearm drives.

It flies well right out of the box, and it can be used to hit pinpoint gaps.

This disc features a nice glide for those buttery and super smooth anhyzers.

With this very overstable driver, you won’t need any other discs for your overhand throws.

This is a great driver that will improve your thumber throw.

It won’t turn over on your power forehand flicks, and anytime a flick is thrown with big anhyzer angles it will always fade back.

The Discraft Flick is very thin and features a totally flat top.

Perfect for powerful sidearm and forehand shots, this disc is also a great choice for strategic fades.

This long-range driver features a speed rating of 9, a glide rating of 4, a turn rating of 1, and a fade rating of 4.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this disc might work for use with thumber throws.


  • This disc can be used for all your overhand throws
  • It has a nice glide that is really smooth
  • This is a choice for a thumber throw


  • If you don’t have a good forehand, this disc won’t work well for you
  • It is too overstable for some players

The thumber throw can be a great addition to your bag of disc golf tricks.

When you need an accurately placed shot or to get around a large obstacle, a thumber shot will help you be successful on the disc golf course, especially if you have the correct disc.

Make sure you find the right type of disc so that your thumber throw will go farther and be more predictable.

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