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Forehand throws are one of the most popular variations within disc golf. While some people may be under the misconception that most people throw backhand, some disc golf pros play over half their game with forehand shots!

If you’re a serious and dedicated disc golf player, or a beginner who is anxious to advance their skill, forehand throws are a crucial skill to have!

So what’s the best forehand disc golf driver to use?

In this article, we discuss some important details about this shot and highlight several products that may work well for your forehand.

Forehand vs. backhand: What are the benefits?

A backhand throw is what you first learn in disc golf. This throw derives its name from the tennis move.

For a right-handed player, a backhand shot looks like winding your arm across the left side of your body before releasing it straight out in front of you.

Backhand throws are a necessary foundational throw and are essential for different situations.

However, forehand (or sidearm) throws are also beneficial to learn. On a right-handed player, forehand looks like stretching your right arm behind you before flicking it in front of your body on the release.

These throws are rather difficult to describe, but there are tons of video resources on YouTube that provide detailed descriptions of how to make these shots happen.

One of the main benefits of learning forehand is when you need your disc to finish right instead of left (for right-handed players).

Usually, when right-handed players throw backhand shots, they’re dependent on hyzer and anhyzer angles to help navigate their discs.

The problem is that no matter if you’re using an overstable or understable disc or hyzer or anhyzer angles, your disc will finish left when throw backhand.

Forehand helps your disc finish right instead of left, which is essential when you have to get around difficult obstacles in order to ace your shot.

Types of discs that work well for forehand drives in disc golf

Distance drivers and fairway drivers work best for forehand drives, even if you’re a beginner.

Typically, we recommend beginners stick with mid-range discs to learn on, but by the time you progress to learning forehand drives you should be ready to move beyond the mid-range disc.

When you are first learning forehand as a right-handed player, you’ll want to start off on understable discs because these are easiest to learn on and manipulate.

Understable discs do not require as much power and technique to throw decently well.

Beginner players or players who are new to a different throwing technique like forehand typically do not have the same power on their snap that advanced players do.

This is why understable discs are useful. You as a beginner will not overpower these discs.

Once your skill, strategy, and power advances, it’ll be time to move up to an overstable driver because understable drivers are too easy for you to overpower and turn over.

Innova is one of the top brands for forehand discs. They’re one of the most well-known and highly reputable brands within the disc golf industry, and for good reason!

All their content is extremely high-quality and designed almost to perfection.

Discmania is another brand we review in this post–and for good reason! They also put out high-quality material designed to help you advance in both skill and prestige within the disc golf world.

Both brands are PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) approved brands because that’s just how good they are! You can trust Innova and Discmania to put out great discs for forehand shots.

What to look for in a good forehand driver

What you’re going to look for in a good forehand driver is going to depend on what your skill level is.


We mentioned previously that beginner players need to stick to understable drivers when first learning forehand.

Beginners will also want to purchase a disc with a mid-range speed so that it is easier for you to control.

If you try to choose too high of a speed, you will not be able to power the disc the way it needs to be powered, and your shots will be terrible.

We wouldn’t want you getting discouraged before you even have a chance!

Weight is going to be based partially on personal preference.

Typically, lighter-weight discs are able to advance farther, so if your goal is distance, you might want to aim for something in the 150 gram category.

A high glide disc is a good choice because that will help drive distance as well.

Since you’re going to want an understable disc, make sure the disc’s turn rating is between -2 and -3.

Finally, select a disc with a low fade that way your shot will be more predictable.

Avoid: overstable discs and high speeds


If you’re an advanced player, you probably already have an idea of what you like and what suits your game.

We recommend aiming for overstable discs since we assume you’ve developed the power and speed to operate the disc correctly at this point.

Again, for advanced players weight will be based on personal preference.

Try to stick with something in a similar weight range as the discs you drive on your backhand, that way you’re not shocking your muscle memory too much.

High speed and high glide go without saying. The higher the speed and higher the glide, the better the distance.

Avoid: understable discs you can easily overpower

Best forehand disc golf driver

If you’re looking for a good disc golf driver for your forehand, there are a number of products that could potentially work well for your needs. You should always consult an industry professional before use.

The following options may work well for use in your game.

Innova Disc Golf DX Sidewinder Golf Disc

  • Appropriate skill level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Flight ratings: speed 9, glide 5, turn -3, fade 1
  • Available weight categories: 140 to 150 grams, 165 to 169 grams, 170 to 172 grams, and 173 to 175 grams.

The Sidewinder is manufactured in Innova’s DX plastic. Their DX line is one of their most popular lines because of its combination of comfortable grip and durability.

This line will wear gradually over time, which means that its flight pattern characteristics will change with time as well.

With enough wear and tear, however, you’ll be able to grow with the disc and adjust as gradually as it changes.

The Sidewinder is a popular driver for beginners because it is understable, has moderate speed, and high glide.

These also work in your favor for forehand shots because this disc will be easier to throw and easier to manage while you learn how to put power behind your forehand flicks.

We recommend sticking with a moderate weight range like the 165 to 168 category.

This will be one of the most manageable categories for beginners. If you’re used to lighter weight, that’s fine as well.

How will you know when it’s time to upgrade to an advanced-level disc?

When you’re able to throw 300 feet or more with the Sidewinder, then it’s probably time to move up to an overstable driver.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for your forehand needs.

Discmania C-Line PD Freak Distance Driver Golf Disc

  • Appropriate skill level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Flight ratings: speed 10, glide 4, turn 0, fade 3
  • Available weight categories: 165 to 169 grams, 170 to 172 grams, and 173 to 175 grams.

The Discmania C-Line PD distance driver has been a popular overstable distance driver for awhile.

While it is typically known for its overstable long distance shots on backhand throws, it’s also an excellent choice for forehand shots.

This disc is manufactured using Discmania’s C-Line plastic, which is one of their most durable and toughest plastics.

The C-Line plastic is inflexible, hard, and damage resistant, which means this line will take longer to weather and this disc’s flight characteristics will stay consistent for a longer period of time.

A great choice for hyzers and flick shots from players with enough speed and power in their flick, we highly recommend the Discmania PD for your long distance forehand drives.

View at Amazon for more information on the use of this product for your forehand.

Innova Ricky Wysocki 2X Star Destroyer Distance Driver Golf Disc

  • Appropriate skill level: Advanced
  • Flight ratings: speed 12, glide 5, turn -1, fade 3
  • Available weight categories: 140 to 150 grams, 151 to 159 grams, 160 to 164 grams, 165 to 169 grams, 170 to 172 grams, 173 to 175 grams.

The Innova Destroyer we selected is manufactured in Innova’s Star plastic line. The Star is like a blend of Innova’s Champion and Pro plastics.

The Champion plastic is extremely hard and durable and best for rugged shots like rollers, while the Pro plastic is extraordinarily comfortable with amazing grip for good control.

The Star plastic meshes both characteristics together by being an inflexible, sturdy, durable plastic with improved grip.

Star discs will maintain their flight ratings for a long period of time and be more resistant to wear and tear.

This is an advanced stable driver. It is extremely high speed and not recommended for beginner or intermediate players.

Its stability helps it sustain long turnover so that you can trust it to have a reliable finish.

It is also one of the more wind-resistant distance drivers, which further enhances not only its performance but its reliability.

Overall, a great choice for either backhand or forehand distance shots.

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