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A frisbee is a common, classic toy that is also versatile because there are numerous games you can play with it, whether that be ultimate frisbee, disc golf, or just a simple game of catch.

Because there are so many ways to play with a frisbee, it is a toy that is suited for all ages. 

There are also different types of discs that are specifically designed to fit certain games.

For example, a disc golf disc looks different and has different flight characteristics than an ultimate frisbee disc because they are being used for a different purpose. 

If you are just looking for a good frisbee to play catch with, you only need a basic type of frisbee since your purpose is recreational rather than competitive.

This is much easier to find because you do not have to worry about organization standards or specific flight characteristics but can instead focus on more fun aspects such as color or style. 

Whether you are playing catch as a recreational activity or as a warm-up for a more serious game, you can find the best frisbee for catch that will meet your needs and ensure you have a fun game with friends. 

Since there are various types of discs, we are going to look at several options so you can better understand the differences between them and make a more informed decision about what type of disc you need.

What’s the difference between a golf disc and a frisbee?

There are some key differences between a disc golf disc and a frisbee.

First, the structure of the discs is different. Frisbees typically have a wide diameter—up to 12 inches—and are made from a lightweight plastic; frisbees also have a rounded edge with a pronounced lip.

Golf discs, on the other hand, are much smaller at about 8 inches, and they are heavier.

These discs also have a straighter edge instead of a curved lip. 

These structural differences also make the two types of discs fly differently. 

The disc golf shape is more aerodynamic which allows the discs to fly further because they do not experience as much drag, or air resistance.

Golf discs can fly further and faster because they are designed to cut through the wind.

Frisbees, however, are designed for recreation, such as tossing back and forth between two people, so they fly slower and cover less distance. 

Because of these differences, frisbees are much easier to throw than golf discs.

Frisbees are generally accurate, meaning they go where you throw them without veering off much; they are also easier to catch because of their larger size and low weight.

As a result, for a simple recreational game of catch, a frisbee will be much easier and more useful than a golf disc.

What’s the difference between a frisbee and an ultimate frisbee disc?

Whereas disc golf discs are designed to be thrown at a basket, ultimate frisbee discs are tossed between teammates, and therefore, are designed to be caught.

As a result, frisbees are used rather than golf discs. 

While the same type of disc is used for recreational catch and ultimate frisbee alike, the main difference lies in the amount of focus given to choosing a disc.

In ultimate frisbee, flight characteristics such as speed and glide are taken into consideration because you want a disc that will perform well in competition.

Additionally, the USA Ultimate also has specific standards a disc must meet in order to be used in an official game; for example, the disc must weigh 175 grams and must have a diameter of 27.4 centimeters. 

Obviously, these same standards do not need to be met when it comes to a catch frisbee.

If you are playing catch as practice or as a warm-up for an ultimate frisbee game, then playing with a disc that meets these standards would be beneficial because you could get used to playing with that specific type of disc. 

If you are just playing for fun, though, you can choose any frisbee without worrying about these qualifications. 

Best frisbee for catch

Below are a few recommendations for frisbees that are designed for recreational purposes and will be great for a game of catch or any other casual game.

Innova Makani Windsurfer – Easiest Catch and Throw, Fun, Casual Frisbee Discs

Makani is Hawaiian for “great wind,” and this disc certainly lives up to that name.  It is designed to soar on the wind and can go quite a distance.

This disc is lightweight at only 140 grams and has a large diameter at 24.1 cm (9.5 in).

This disc will help beginners become better at throwing and be able to develop their form because it is so lightweight and easy to control and typically lands where you throw it. 

This disc is perfect for a casual game of catch in the yard because it is easy to throw accurately.

However, it is versatile enough to use in disc golf or as an easy warmup for a game of ultimate frisbee.

The Makani is made from DX plastic which has an excellent grip.

Discs made with this plastic wear in with usage and can eventually take on new flight characteristics over time. 

The flight characteristics are Speed: 2, Glide: 7, Turn: -2, Fade: 0. Based on these statistics, this disc is not very fast, but it is a high-glide disc that will stay on a straight flight path. 

This disc also has a fun design on the front, and the color options vary. 

View this disc on Amazon for more information on how it might work for your game.


  • Lightweight
  • Can fly longer distances
  • Flies straight
  • Good for beginners


  • Might get caught by the wind

Innova Disc Golf DX Zephyr Golf Disc

The Zephyr is a great catch and throw frisbee and would also be good for introducing catch disc players to the game.

This disc is 24.1 cm in diameter and weighs 170-179 grams. 

This disc is one of the best for accuracy contests, and it is a long time favorite for Overall events of Discathon and Accuracy.

It is a stable disc, meaning it will fly straight without much fade, landing exactly where you threw it.

This disc is perfect for fun in the yard or at the park or beach, but it can also be used on the disc golf course as it is approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).  

The Zephyr’s Thumtrac provides more durability and a better grip, especially for sidearm throws. 

It is made from DX plastic which is a great plastic for grip, even in poor weather conditions.

This plastic will also wear in slowly over time and will eventually take on new flight characteristics as you break it in. 

The starting flight characteristics are Speed: 2, Glide: 3, Turn: 0, Fade: 0.

This disc is very easy to handle and control, making it great for beginners or causal players. 

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for your needs. 


  • Good introductory frisbee
  • Accurate, goes where you throw it
  • PDGA approved
  • Easy to control
  • Good grip for sidearm throws


  • Only one color option

Innova Big Kahuna Heavyweight Ultimate Throw and Catch Disc Tiki Black

This disc is 23.5 cm in diameter, which is Innova’s largest disc, and it weighs 200 grams. 

This disc is perfect for playing catch, and it is heavy enough to withstand wind, so you will still be able to play even on windy days or in windy environments such as the beach. 

Because of its heavier weight, this disc would also be good to use in a warm-up for ultimate frisbee. 

It is a little harder to control because of the heavier weight, but it will be able to go a further distance and withstand harder throws.

Its size also allows it to glide longer and farther, especially with a lot of power behind the throw.

It is made with DX plastic which is ideal even in poor weather conditions because it has good grip.

The flight characteristics of this disc could change gradually over time as you break in the frisbee. 

It is a durable disc that will hold up over time even in rough conditions, so you do not have to worry about too much wear and tear. 

This frisbee comes in a variety of color and stamp options, so you can choose your favorite. 

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.


  • Will cut through the wind
  • Flies further because of heavier weight
  • Good for fun or for a warm-up
  • Variety of color options


  • Heavier weight makes it a little harder to control
  • Might be a little too big/heavy for kids

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