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With warmer weather comes the excitement of beach days. There is nothing better than a hot summer day spent splashing in the waves, laying out in the sun, and hanging out with friends and family. 

Along with your beach towel and sunscreen, another great thing to pack for your day at the beach is a frisbee to toss around in between dips in the water. 

There are various types of frisbees to choose from, but here are a few things to consider to help you pick the best frisbee for beach days in particular. 

What makes a good beach frisbee?

The first thing to take into account is the weather. The beach is typically a more windy environment, which means your frisbee will be more likely to get picked up by the breeze when thrown.

A lighter disc is more likely to get caught on the wind, change directions, and generally be harder to control. Because of this, a heavier frisbee is going to be most ideal. 

A typical frisbee weighs between 160 and 180 grams. Getting a disc on the higher end of that range will be the best beach frisbee because it will be able to hold up against the wind. 

The weight of the frisbee also affects the balance.

A heavier frisbee with evenly distributed weight will glide further and more smoothly as opposed to a lighter frisbee that will be more likely to flip, change directions, or get caught by the wind. 

The standard weight for an ultimate frisbee disc is 175 grams.

Whether you plan to play a game of ultimate frisbee on the beach or simply toss it back and forth for recreation, this is going to be the best frisbee weight for beach games because it will hold up against the weather.

While heavy enough to combat the wind, the frisbee will still be light enough to float on water in case it accidentally gets thrown into the waves.

Color selection can also be important for playing frisbee at the beach.

While the color will not affect the use of the frisbee, it could help with visibility.

For example, for playing at the beach, choosing a blue frisbee would blend in with the water and a brown or yellow frisbee would be more likely to blend in with the sand.

A contrasting color option would help with visibility while playing and will help you spot your disc more easily if it is thrown out of range.

Choosing a brighter color such as orange or neon green or a darker color such as black would not easily blend into the beach surroundings and would be more easily recovered if it was to fly farther than intended. 

While it is certainly not a requirement, one fun feature would be the ability for the frisbee to light up or glow in the dark.

This feature is great for long days on the beach that don’t end just because the sun goes down.

Having some kind of light element will make it easier to see your disc once it gets dark.

What to avoid

Frisbees made from fabric would be less ideal for a beach setting. Fabric discs are more easily torn and are not as resistant to outdoor weather conditions.

Fabric frisbees are also lightweight which will allow them to get picked up by the wind more easily.

If they land in the water, the fabric will also absorb some of the water, changing the weight and balance of the frisbee.

This type of frisbee would be okay to toss around a few times, but if you are looking to play an actual game, a frisbee made from a more stable material would be more ideal.

The exception to this would be if a young child is going to be participating in the game.

Because cloth frisbees are softer and more lightweight, they are more ideal for children; these frisbees are less likely to cause injury upon impact and will be easier for the child to lift.

If adults will be the ones playing, however, a standard plastic frisbee would be a better fit.

If you decide to get a frisbee that lights up, it would be best to avoid those that take batteries or attached LED lights.

It would be more beneficial to get one that has a solar element as opposed to running on batteries since you will be close to the water.

The batteries or a bulky LED light would also affect the balance of the frisbee and affect play.

Best Frisbee for the Beach

If you’re looking to play Frisbee on the beach, there are a number of products that may work well for your recreational needs. The following products may help get your search started.

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

The Discraft frisbee is listed as the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series and has been since 1991. 

It is 10.75 inches in diameter and weighs 175 grams, making it an ideal weight and size for playing in windy conditions such as the beach. It is well-balanced and has great stability.

This disc has an aerodynamic design that will hold the angle of release longer than other frisbees, making it easier to throw and allowing for greater distance and control.

This versatile design works across various settings, whether that be a casual toss on the beach or a competitive game of ultimate frisbee. 

It is designed with a contoured grip and has built in flight rings for better handling and a more confident throw. 

This frisbee comes in a variety of colors, so you can make a choice based on which color will be easier to see in your surroundings or simply based on your own personal preference and style. 

In addition to various color options, there is also a UV option that changes to a purple color in the sunlight for better visibility.

There is also a Night Glow option that glows once it gets dark, allowing you to continue the fun even after the sun goes down. 

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

175g Glowing Flying Disc by SLR Brands: 175 gram Star Glow in the Dark Toy for Kids, Adults, Ultimate, Dogs

This frisbee is a fun option if you anticipate your games lasting into the evening. 

The disc is regulation size—it measures 10.75 inches in diameter and weighs 175 grams—which is ideal for windy conditions.

Each disc is tested by a team of quality control professionals to make sure the weight is exact and that each frisbee is well-balanced.

Because the weight is evenly distributed, you will be able to throw it the same way each time, making your throws more consistent. 

This frisbee is made from a hard but flexible plastic that is built to last. It will keep its shape without the worry of getting broken or bent. 

During the day, this looks like a normal frisbee, but at night it glows in the dark, so you won’t have to stop your game just because the sun went down. 

The glowing is caused by nontoxic chemicals that partially make up the material of the disc itself; these chemicals charge in the sunlight, and then glow yellow-green once it gets dark.

This is ideal because unlike other glow in the dark frisbees, there are no bulky LED lights that change the weight and balance of the frisbee.

There is also no concern about having to change batteries. 

This disc is also water safe, which makes it ideal for the beach. Since there are no actual lights or batteries, there is no concern with this frisbee getting wet.

Exposure to large amounts of water, such as getting drenched in the ocean or in the rain will not affect the glow or the quality of the disc. 

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eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic Ultimate Frisbee Competition Disc Fotoprint SPIKESTAR

Eurodisc brand frisbees are approved by the World Flying Disc Federation, the European Ultimate Federation, and Championship German frisbee players. Frisbees by this brand are used in matches worldwide. 

This disc has a 27 cm (10.6 inch) diameter and weighs 175g, making it a large and heavy enough disc to use in the wind. 

One significant difference that sets Eurodisc frisbees apart is the material they use to make the frisbees. Eurodisc uses organic, renewable resources in their production.

The frisbees are made from bio-based polyethylene rather than regular plastic; they consist of approximately 70% renewable material and are 100% biodegradable. 

While a different material than a lot of frisbees, these discs are flexible and durable. 

Production of each disc is held to specific criteria, including flexibility and an exact rim thickness.

These measures allow the disc to maintain a stable flight path when thrown and can go a distance of over 100 meters. The material is also grippy and comfortable to hold.

This particular disc has a UV design printed on it that is scratch-resistant.

If you are interested in finding a different design, Eurodisc also does custom UV photo printing, so that you can put your own photo, logo, or advertisement on your frisbee order. 

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for you.

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