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A frisbee is an incredibly common children’s toy that almost everyone has played with at some point in their life.

There are numerous games to play with it that can be expanded to include a whole group of people, making it a great activity to pass the time on long summer days.

It is also a great toy for families that have children of various ages, because a game of frisbee can be adapted to suit all ages and ability levels.

In addition to the standard frisbees, manufacturers have developed discs of various sizes and materials that are better suited for the younger population. 

With all of the new options available, you should have no problem finding the best frisbee for toddlers so that the whole family can join in on the fun.  

Why is a frisbee a good toy for toddlers?

While probably not the first toy you would think of for a toddler, there are several advantages to younger children playing with frisbees. 

Playing with a frisbee helps build hand-eye coordination and spacial awareness since the child is trying to catch an object that is tossed to them. It also helps them practice balance as they learn to throw an object while remaining upright. 

Additionally, the game takes patience and cooperation. It also involves being able to focus on one task and watch/mimic the movement of another person. 

Sensory and gross motor movement are huge areas of development for toddlers, and all of the skills listed above fit into these categories of development.

It may not seem like something as simple as tossing a frisbee could have such an impact, but toddlers are so impressionable and learn at such a quick rate, that these types of activities have many unexpected and profound advantages. 

Another benefit is simply that they get to have fun. Playing catch with a frisbee is a great social activity that allows toddlers to play with their parent or older sibling.

It is also an inexpensive and easy game that can be played almost anywhere. 

What type of frisbee for toddlers works well?

A standard frisbee is 8 to 10 inches in diameter with a weight between 150 and 180 grams (5.29 and 6.35 ounces) and is made of hard plastic.

While this is perfectly fine for adults and older children to play with, it is less ideal for younger children because it is too large and awkward for them to catch and throw at their small size; it is also a hazard because the hard plastic could hurt them if they were to get hit with it.

For this reason, there are discs that are specifically designed with younger children in mind.

A frisbee made from a softer material would be more age-appropriate for a toddler.

For example, some frisbees have soft foam edges and some are made from thin nylon; both of these materials are more lightweight, so a toddler will be able to throw this kind of disc without struggling. 

A soft-edged frisbee is also safer. If a young child was to accidentally get hit with a standard frisbee, it could cause them harm, leading to bumps, bruises, and crying.

They could also get hurt trying to catch a standard frisbee because they could jamb their fingers or break a nail. 

With a cloth frisbee, there is very little risk of injury.

Cloth frisbees weigh less, so there will be less force behind a throw, and they won’t get as hurt if it accidentally hits them.

The soft material also bends instead of staying rigid, so they would not jamb their fingers trying to catch it. 

A softer material is also advantageous for protecting objects in the child’s surroundings.

Young children do not possess the skill needed to aim, so it is more likely they will hit something when they throw.

Objects such as cars or furniture can get dented or scratched when hit with hard plastic but are at little to no risk of damage if hit with a soft-sided object.

As a result, soft-sided frisbees could also be used indoors since there is less risk of anything being broken.

There are also a few plastic frisbee options that would be safer alternatives to a standard disc.

One example is flying rings; rather than a solid disc, they are a ring shape with a hole in the center.

While plastic, these rings are much lighter, and since they are not solid, they do not make as hard of an impact.

These are also easier to catch because the child can hook the ring around their arm instead of having to catch it with their hands. 

There are also solid plastic frisbees that are smaller, making them more size-appropriate for small children.

For example, rather than having an 8-10 inch diameter, they would have a 4-6 inch diameter. 

A disc this size would be more manageable for a toddler to hold and throw.

These alternatives are great options for toddlers, allowing them to have fun and build up their coordination without the risk of injury. 

Best frisbee for toddlers 

There are a number of frisbees that could work well for use with a toddler. It’s important to always consult your child’s pediatrician for a professional opinion before using any new product with your child.

The following options may work well for use with a toddler.

Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings [2 Pack]

These flying rings are perfect for young children because they are so easy to throw and catch. 

The hole in the center helps straighten out the flyer during flight, so your child will be able to throw it straight.

The design also makes catching easier.

It can be caught with one hand or even by hooking it around your wrist or foot.

Each ring is only 33 grams (1.2 ounces), which is 80% lighter than a regular frisbee. This will make it easier for young kids to hold. It is also safer because it will not hurt in case of accidental impact. 

Because of the way this disc is designed, there are several different ways you can play with it.

You can simply play catch, or you could play a game like ring toss or show them how to spin it around on their arm. 

This frisbee is also light enough to float on the water, so it can also be used at the beach or as a pool toy. 

These rings come in a 2-pack, and they come in a variety of color options, so you can choose a pack that includes your child’s favorite color.

There is even a glow-in-the-dark option for added fun.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this frisbee might work for you.

FunSparks Easy Disk Toy and Game – Soft Catch – Flying Disk – Indoors or Outdoor for Kids, Beginners or Advanced Players, Adults & Families

The Easy Disk is made from a soft nylon material and only weighs 117 grams (4.12 ounces). It is 8.5 inches in diameter. 

Despite its soft material, this disc flies like a hard disc. It can go up to 110 feet and withstands windy conditions.

While this soft disc is perfect for children, it is also great for adults to use as well since it is durable enough to hold up against intense play.  

This is a great frisbee for teaching your young children to play without the fear of getting hurt by catching it.

It will not jamb fingers, break nails, or hurt the body or face upon impact.

It also will not hurt the car, the walls, or anything else it accidently comes into contact with, making it safe to play with both indoors and outdoors. 

This disc also floats on water, so you can use it at the beach or by the pool without worrying about it sinking.

The outer ring bends which allows you to fold it up and tuck it into a pocket or a bag for easy transport or storage. 

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for you and your child.

Systreek 2 Pack Foam Frisbee for Kids, Round Edge Soft Frisbee for Kindergarten Teaching, Indoor and Outdoor Flying Frisbee, for Improving Accuracy, Agility, Hand-Eye Coordination Training, Yellow

These discs come in a pack of 2. Each disc is 7.5 inches in diameter and weighs 75-80 grams. 

The discs are made out of a lightweight foam that is foldable and squeezable, and it can be folded to fit into smaller places for travel.

Because of its soft material, young children can play with it safely without risk of hurting their fingers trying to catch it or hurting their bodies or faces if it accidently hits them.

It is easier for young children to learn how to throw and catch with this disc because they are not at risk of getting hurt and the disc is light enough for them to be able to throw. 

The soft-sided disc will not cause damage to objects either, so it can safely be played with indoors or outdoors. 

It is perfect for playing short-distance catch, but it can also be thrown up to 98 feet. 

This disc does not come in other color options, but it is a bright color for easy visibility. It is also blank without any logo, so children can draw their own design on the frisbee. 

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for your family.

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