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Out of all the gear used for ultimate frisbee, gloves have been the biggest topic of debate. 

Some people believe that gloves are not necessary and that they can even inhibit their performance because they lose the feel of the disc by having a barrier between their hands and the disc.

Others believe using gloves is advantageous because it helps their grip stay consistent even in poor weather.

Whether or not you use gloves is ultimately a personal choice based on whether you think it will help your game.

This article will look at some of the pros and cons to using gloves and help identify some key features to look for when finding the best gloves for ultimate frisbee.

Pros of wearing gloves in Ultimate Frisbee

Gloves are advantageous in ultimate frisbee because they help with consistency of grip even in inclement weather.

While a more ideal game of ultimate frisbee would be played on a dry, sunny day, this is not always possible. 

It is much harder to catch a frisbee in the rain because it is slick and will be more likely to slip out of your hands.

If you are wearing gloves, the grippy material will hold onto the frisbee more easily, allowing you to still catch it even though it is slippery.

Similarly, if you are playing a morning game, the dew from the grass could also have the same effect, so grippy gloves would be helpful in this situation as well. 

Gloves can also be beneficial in the heat and humidity. The extra moisture in the air could cause the frisbee to be slick.

Also, if you are running around in the heat, your hands will likely be sweaty.

If you are wearing gloves, they will absorb the sweat from your hands, and the grip on the gloves will allow you to still catch the disc.

In addition to the heat, gloves are also helpful in the cold, but for a different reason.

If it is cold outside, you are more likely to lose feeling in your fingers which will make it harder to catch and handle a frisbee.

If your fingers are really cold, the impact of a catch or a block could also be more painful.

Wearing gloves will help keep your hands warm so you can maintain feeling and continue to play with consistency.

Another advantage to wearing gloves is that it helps with soreness. Repeatedly catching and blocking a plastic disc can be painful, especially if the disc was thrown with a good amount of force.

Gloves act as a barrier between your hands and the disc to help lessen the impact.

Gloves are also often designed with additional padding in the palms that will absorb some of the impact and put less of the force into your hands. 

Cons of wearing Ultimate Frisbee gloves

One of the cons to wearing ultimate frisbee gloves is that the disc will not feel the same in your hands.

When you play without gloves, you rely heavily on your own sense of touch to determine how you handle and release the frisbee.

When you are wearing gloves, you lose some of this sense of touch because your fingers are touching the gloves instead of making direct contact with the disc. 

Another con is simply the time it takes to get used to the gloves.

You likely already have a feel for how hard to throw a disc, how much spin to put on it, etc, if you have been playing for some time.

If you start using gloves, you will probably make errors as you adjust to them. 

Since the gloves are designed to be tacky, they will cause some traction with the disc that your fingers do not have.

You will have to accommodate the added grip and learn how to throw and catch with it with consistency.

While this is certainly doable, it will take extra time and practice.

What to look for in a good Ultimate Frisbee glove

If you are on the fence about wearing ultimate frisbee gloves, it is worth trying out to see if it works for you.

While you are not likely to see the effects during an average game, the advantages become more evident once in poorer playing conditions. 

As already discussed, a pair of ultimate frisbee gloves will have a tacky material on the palms and fingers to help with gripping the disc in any weather conditions. 

They will also have padding to help protect your hands against injury.

While the padding is important, it should not be too bulky, as you do not want to hinder your range of motion.  

Additionally, it would be best to find a pair of gloves with thin fabric.

While thin gloves will still feel different than no gloves, having a thinner fabric will allow you to still feel the disc in your hands and to have more control when you throw.

A thinner glove will also be more breathable, so your hands stay cool when you are playing.

Lastly, the most important thing to look for is overall comfort.

If your gloves are not comfortable on your hands, then they will become a hinderance and a distraction instead of a benefit. 

Best gloves for Ultimate Frisbee

There are a number of glove options that could potentially work quite well for use when playing Ultimate Frisbee.

The following options may help to get your search started.

Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

These gloves provide all-weather control that will help improve your handling and catching on all playing surfaces in all weather conditions. 

The palm is made with synthetic leather that is durable against any terrain. It also helps cushion the impact of the disc during blocks. 

There is added grip to the middle finger that will help you control your flicks to increase spin, distance, and accuracy.

These gloves offer the highest level of grip in ultimate which will help with catching.

The better grip allows you to get more rotation on your throws which can also increase your speed and distance. 

Having an extra layer of protection will keep your hands warm during cold weather.

They are made from a lightweight material with a breathable back that will also keep your hands cool in warm weather. 

Because these gloves are lightweight, they will not inhibit your range of motion.

The thumb is made of a towel-like material that allows you to wipe sweat during a game. 

They are sewn with double-stitched seams to make sure they will not tear and that they will last a long time. 

These gloves range from sizes extra-small to extra-large, and there is a size guide to help you determine your best fit. 

View at Amazon for more information on how these gloves might work for you.

Cutter 4 Premium Ultimate Frisbee Gloves by Mint 

These gloves provide consistent touch and a smooth catch and release in all weather conditions. They are designed to help receivers enhance their catching abilities. 

MAXX Tact grip provides the highest level of grip for optimum disc handling.

The increased grip also allows for better rotation upon release, which enhances stability against the wind.

The Coolflex material across the back of the hand helps keep your hands cool and dry.

There is also ventilation in the fingers for additional breathability. 

The fingertips are folded over so that there is no seam; this is not only more comfortable, but it also maximizes the surface area of the grip to better catch the disc. 

The low profile design of the gloves gives you uninhibited range of motion at the wrist.

These gloves are constructed with synthetic material that are durable and built to last. 

There is padding built in right under the fingers to help absorb impact during catches and blocks, protecting your bones.

The thumb is made of a toweled material for wiping away sweat. 

These gloves range from sizes small to XXXX-large, and they come in a color option of black or white, both with a red Mint logo.  

View at Amazon to learn more about how this glove might work for you.

Flyers Ult – Ultimate Frisbee Gloves (G1)

These gloves have reinforced padding on the palms that will help protect your hands from impact and injury without obstructing your grasp.

They offer a secure grip no matter the weather condition so that your performance can stay consistent even when it is cold or raining. 

These gloves fit nicely to the hand without any excess bulk. The material is thin; you will still be able to feel the disc through the gloves, so you have full control over your handling.

The wrist strap is durable and will keep your gloves securely on your hands without you needing to repeatedly adjust them.

It secures right at the wrist without affecting your range of motion.

These gloves are made of a water-resistant material, so they will keep your hands dry even in rainy weather.

The fabric is also flexible so it will not inhibit your movement.

As an added bonus, this pair also comes with a storage bag that is water-resistant so you can keep your gloves dry and protected when not in use. 

In case of muddy conditions, these gloves are also very easy to clean; just rinse with cold water and let them air dry. 

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