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Unlike baseball or football that have particular seasons, you never hear about ultimate frisbee season.


Because ultimate frisbee never has to stop!

Ultimate frisbee is a versatile sport in that it can be played almost anywhere.

Outdoor ultimate frisbee can be played in a field or even on the beach.

And then when it gets cold or the weather is bad, the game can move indoors to a gym court or indoor turf field. 

Being able to play all year is certainly exciting, but you also need to consider the type of gear you need when transitioning between indoor and outdoor play.

Your cleats that you use outside in the grass are going to be ineffective inside, so it is important to find the best indoor ultimate frisbee shoes that will help you play your best when your games are inside. 

What type of shoes?

While the popularity of ultimate frisbee is certainly on the rise, companies have not yet started making shoes that are specifically designed for ultimate frisbee players.

As a result, players have to look at other indoor sports that have similar movement to ultimate frisbee to determine the best shoes for indoor ultimate frisbee.

The first and most important detail to figure out is what type of floor you will be playing on.

Indoor ultimate frisbee is often played on a gym court, but it can also be played on an indoor turf field.

The type of floor you will be playing on determines the type of shoes you will need.

For a court

One popular type of shoe for indoor ultimate frisbee is basketball shoes

Just as in ultimate frisbee, basketball involves a lot of short sprints, sharp turns, and jumps.

As a result, basketball shoes are designed with ankle protection and shock absorption.

They are also flexible and allow for lateral movement along with forward movement since the sport involves a lot of sudden stops and direction changes. 

Basketball shoes come in three style options: low-top, mid-top, and high-top. Low-top shoes end just below the ankle bone, and as a result, do not have ankle support.

The ankle being free allows for increased maneuverability for fast turns and direction changes.

This style is good for speed and traction, but not necessarily for a lot of jumping. 

Mid-top shoes end right at the ankle, providing some support without limiting movement.

The player still has full movement to make sudden turns and to move at higher speeds.

This style of shoe is good for players who rely on speed but also do some jumping.

High-top shoes cover the ankle, offering full support and shock absorption.

This is the heaviest style, so it is not ideal for speed but great for players that jump often. 

None of these styles is better than the other; it is simply based on preference and what your own personal needs are.

For example, if you have had an ankle injury in the past that could flair up again, a shoe with higher ankle coverage would be best in your situation. 

If you are wanting something a little less bulky than basketball shoes, another good option for ultimate frisbee would be volleyball shoes.

Volleyball shoes typically have a gum rubber sole that provides traction on gym floors, so your feet will not slide when you make sudden stops or direction changes; gum rubber also protect the gym floor, as it is designed to not leave behind any marks.  

The midsole of volleyball shoes is designed to absorb shock and protect the balls of the feet since volleyball players spend much of their time on the balls of their feet.

This is also advantageous for ultimate frisbee because the midsoles are cushioned and will absorb the impact of running, jumping, and lateral movement.

The type of cushion in volleyball shoes varies depending on the brand and style of shoes; the most common types of cushioning are foam, gel, or air cushions. 

The upper section of volleyball shoes is designed to be breathable and lightweight so the feet stay cool; as a result, this section is typically made of a mesh or nylon material. 

The biggest differences between basketball and volleyball shoes are the weight and the focal area for protection.

Volleyball shoes tend to be more lightweight and focus their protection on the soles, whereas basketball shoes can be heavier and bulkier and focus protection more on the ankles.

Both types of shoes will work well for ultimate frisbee because they are designed to accommodate several similar movements, including sudden stops, lateral movement, and jumps. 

For a turf field

If your ultimate frisbee games will be played on turf, indoor soccer shoes would be a great option.

Unlike soccer cleats that have studs for gripping the ground, indoor soccer shoes are flat with a different type of grip. 

Indoor soccer shoes are designed for quick, movement and sudden direction changes.

They have a more flexible sole and a different tread pattern than regular tennis shoes so that you can pivot and turn easily.

The soles are constructed from gum rubber which offers more traction on artificial turf. 

Indoor soccer shoe are low-cut, hitting just below the ankle. This design allows for better movement in the ankle and allows for greater speed.

The low-cut style is also lighter weight, which helps with speed as well.

Best indoor ultimate frisbee shoes

For a court:

adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe

These shoes have a midcut style, so they offer some ankle protection while still allowing for ease of movement. They are also a wide fit, so someone with wider feet would be comfortable in these shoes.

The midsole and footbed contain Cloudfoam cushioning for added comfort and shock absorption. There is also a Cloudfoam Comfort sockliner in each shoe. 

The Adiwear outsole provides dual-zone traction; these shoes will continue to grip the court even on sudden turns and direction changes. 

The upper is made from mesh for good breathability and topped with zones of coated synthetic leather that add durability.

It also features a de-bossed toe cap and the 3 classic stripes for which the Adidas brand is recognized. 

These shoes come in a range of sizes, from 6.5 wide to 15 wide, and they are said to fit true to size, so you should be able to wear your regular shoes size without a problem. 

These shoes come in a red and black option or a black and white option.

Both color combinations are sleek and stylish, making this shoes as appealing as they are comfortable and practical. 

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes

These shoes are a lowcut style for ease of movement, but there is no added ankle protection. 

There is a mesh upper that is lightweight and breathable; on top of the mesh is a synthetic overlay that provides structure, durability, and support.

Comfort is added through the foam-padded collar and tongue and the cushioned footbed. There is also a molded EVA midsole for added cushion and shock absorption.

There is a GEL Cushioning system in the rear and forefoot that absorbs impact and offers great movement and support through the gait cycle. 

These shoes are designed with Trusstic System Technology that reduces the weight of the shoes without sacrificing quality or structural integrity.

The lighter weight of the shoes allows for greater speed and less inhibited movement and turns. 

The outsole is made from a combination of rubber and gum rubber for added traction on indoor courts. 

This pair of shoes has a range of sizes available, from a 5 to a 15. 

These shoes come in 8 different color options, so you can choose the one that best fits your personal style or even your team colors. 

View at Amazon for more information on how these shoes might work for your game.

For turf:

adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

The Samba Classic is one of the most popular pairs of indoor soccer shoes of all time. 

This shoe has a low ankle, allowing for flexibility and speed during game play. 

The outsole is made of durable gum rubber that is non-marking, so you will not have to worry about leaving any marks on the playing surface.

This sole holds traction on artificial turf, but also grips well to any indoor surface. 

The EVA insole is durable and shock absorbing, and it will not wear out easily. 

The upper is made of synthetic full-grain leather that is durable, comfortable, and lightweight; there is also a suede overlay to protect the upper leather and make the shoe more resistant to scuffing. 

These shoes range in size from 6.5 to 14.

If you are in between sizes, Adidas recommends going one size down if you prefer a tighter fit and one size up if you prefer a looser fit.

They also come with removable sock liners. 

These shoes come in three color combination options. They also feature the classic three-stripe branding that Adidas is known for. 

View at Amazon to learn more about how this shoe might work for you. 

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