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To all beginner disc golf players–welcome to the world of disc golf! When you first set foot in the disc golf world it’s overwhelming because there’s so much to know, so much to learn, and so much to practice.

One of the most crucial aspects of disc golf is choosing the right discs to get started.

In this article, we’re going to feature the manufacturer Innova! They’re one of the most well-known and well-respected brands in the disc golf world, and we’ll show you why.

So what are the best Innova discs for beginners?

What is an Innova disc?

The company Innova has been around since 1983. They manufacture everything disc golf–from discs to targets to bags.

They are so well-reputed in the industry because all their products are extremely well made, high quality, durable, and effective.

They’re one of the top brands used by pro disc golf athletes everywhere, and have sponsored dozens of athletes throughout the decades including top players like Ken Climo, Barry Schultz, and Holly Finley.

There are 4 disc categories in disc golf, and Innova manufactures every single one.

Those discs are:

  • Distance drivers, which are used for achieved max distance possible. These are typically used on the first throw in a round to get you closer to the target. Distance drivers tend to be the hardest discs for beginners to learn, which is why it’s best to avoid them until you develop your skills further.
  • Fairway drivers, which are similar to distance drivers but don’t have the same speed or distance capacity. These discs are an okay choice for beginners.
  • Mid-range discs, which are used for moderate distances, approach shots, and straight shots, and are the best discs for beginners to start out with.
  • Putters, which are essential no matter your skill level. Putters are used for that last shot, when you’re ready to throw your disc into the target. These are low-speed discs used for shorter discs, and fly straight when thrown correctly in order to ensure an accurate flight pattern.

Innova sells a variety of each of these discs in all their plastic lines.

We know–we’re throwing a lot of information at you. First let’s look at why there’s a variety of discs, then we’ll learn more about their plastic lines.

Disc golf discs are all measured according to flight characteristics. These flight characteristics are defined by four categories, and a scale within those categories.

The first category is speed, which simply defines the disc’s capacity for speed. Speed is rated on a scale of 1 to 14. If you’re a beginner, you’re going to want to stick with mid-range speeds, going no higher than a speed of 9.

The more capacity the disc has for speed, the more power and technique it requires to throw.

The second category is glide, which is measured on a scale of 1 to 7. Glide defines the disc’s tendency to maintain loft during flight.

For a beginner mid-range disc, you’ll want something with higher flight to compensate for the lack of speed and power.

The third category is turn, which is measured on a scale of 1 to -5. Turn describes the disc’s ability to turn over or fly to the right (when thrown right-hand backhand).

For right-handed beginner disc golf players, discs with a turn rating close to -5 are easiest to handle.

Fade is the final category, which describes the disc’s tendency to hook to the left at the end of the flight on a right-hand backhand throw.

Discs with low fade will maintain a straight line of travel when thrown correctly, while discs with high fade will hook sharply left.

Again, this is when thrown right-hand backhand. Beginners should stick with low fade until they become acclimated to the game.

Now that we understand the flight characteristics, it’s easy to explain why Innova manufactures such a variety of discs.

Typically, advanced and professional disc golf players have more than 20 discs in their arsenal, and the reason is because every disc can be used for different techniques, different courses, and in different weather situations.

The mix of flight ratings helps define what type of shot the disc you have is good for. Discs also come in a variety of weights to help manage predictable flights during windy weather.

The heavier the weight, the harder it can be to throw if you’re a beginner who hasn’t developed enough throwing power just yet.

Now let’s look at Innova’s plastic lines. Innova manufactures discs in the following plastic blends: Star, Starlite, Echo, GStar, Champion, Metal Flake, Blizzard, XT, Driver Pro, KC Pro, R-Pro, JK Pro, and DX.

If you want to learn more about Innova’s plastics you can go here, since for the sake of brevity we’re only going to look at the best plastic blends for beginners.

One of the best plastic lines for beginners is Innova’s DX line. These discs are affordable, provide comfortable grip, and wear in progressively.

As your disc goes through more wear and tear, the flight characteristics begin to change. The DX line’s changes are gradual enough to where you’ll be able to “break-in” with the disc so you can become easily accustomed. 

Overall, Innova is one of the top brands for beginners because of their variety and quality.

To summarize, when choosing an Innova beginner disc, you’ll want to initially stick with mid-range discs and putters.

For the mid-range discs, choose mid-range speed high glide, stable to understable turn (between 0  and -2), and low fade.

For putters, choose low speed, low to mid glide, low turn (as close to 0 as possible for a straight flight), and low to no fade.

Best Innova discs for beginners

If you’re looking for the right Innova disc to use when you are a beginner disc golf player, there are a number of products that could potentially work well for you.

It’s important to consult an industry professional before use. The following options may prove a good place for you to start your search.

INNOVA Dx Disc Golf Set 3 (DX Stacked Set)

Before we look at an individual mid-range disc and individual putter, here’s a great Innova beginner set.

This set includes three discs: a driver, a mid-range disc, and a putter.

We said previously that you shouldn’t start out with a driver–and this is true!

However, after some practice with your mid-range disc, you’ll need to start practicing with a driver.

Innova’s Leopard disc is a great choice for a beginner driver. Its speed is 6, glide 5, turn -2, and fade 1.

This means that it will be easy enough for you to manipulate, cover a fair amount of distance, while still flying a mostly straight flight.

In this set, the Shark disc is their mid-range disc of choice for beginners. Its speed is 4, glide 4, turn 0, and fade 2. This means that, like the Leopard, it will be easy to throw, cover less distance than the Leopard, and travel a straight line while in the air before hooking slightly to the left at the end (if you’re throwing right-hand backhand).

For the putt and approach disc, Innova presents the Aviar. Its speed is 2, glide 3, turn 0, and fade 1.

This means this disc is best for short distances, when you’re either trying to get close to the target or get the disc into the target.

It will fly a slow, stable, straight line, and is ideal for accurate shots.

This set is manufactured in beginner weights and with the DX plastic line.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this disc could work for you.

Innova DX Wombat3 Mid-Range Golf Disc

If you want an individual mid-range disc, the Wombat3 is a great choice. Its ratings are slightly different from the Shark mid-range disc.

The Wombat3 has a speed of 5, glide 6, turn -1, and fade 0.

This means that, while not effective for high speed shots, it will still carry because of its high glide.

This disc will fly to the right, and depending on how you throw it, will finish straight or hook very slightly to the left at the end.

This disc is manufactured with the DX plastic line, which is the ideal line for beginners.

Unlike the Shark, you can choose which weight category you want to purchase this disc. Innova offers this disc in the following weights: 140 to 150 grams, 151 to 164 grams, 165 to 169 grams, 170 to 174 grams, 175 to 177 grams, and 178 to 180 grams.

For beginners, we recommend you stick with the 140 to 150 or 151 to 164 gram category, as some of the heavier weights require more power to throw.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.

Innova – Champion Discs DX Polecat Golf Disc

Finally, here’s another great choice for a putt and approach disc. Its ratings are: speed 1, glide 3, turn 0, and fade 0. Comparing it to the Aviar, it is slower and straighter.

While the Aviar hooks very slightly to the left at the end of its flight, the Polecat, when thrown correctly, will fly beautifully in a straight line.

This is an extremely easy disc to throw, and we actually like it better as a putter than the Aviar!

It comes in a variety of weights: 140 to 150 grams, 165 to 169 grams, 170 to 174 grams, and 175 to 177 grams. Again, we recommend staying in the first two categories if you’re just starting out.

View at Amazon for more on how this product could work for you.

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