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Needing to step up your disc golf game? Perhaps you’ve got your technique down but you are needing to make some changes to your set in order to optimize your play and achieve a new level of expertise. 

There are endless options for discs and countless ways to get that extra edge based on what discs suit you and your style best. 

To make sure you get the most out of your disc golf game, a common rule of thumb is to choose your discs wisely.

That’s why we are giving you all the information you will need to select the best right turning disc for you as well as our recommendations on potential discs that may work well for your game.

Read on to find out more.

What is a right turning disc?

So before choosing the best right turning disc for you, let’s talk about what those numbers mean on the bottom of your disc. 

Thanks to brand the Innova, we now have a system for measuring speed, glide, turn and fade on every disc you buy. This is called the Flight Ratings System.

For a more in-depth look into the Flight Ratings System, check out this video.

When choosing your disc, your concern should be with what is called the turn rating.

The turn rating will show you what degree your disc will curve and the direction it will take in the air during the first part of its flight.

A positive number indicates your disc will turn to the left (when thrown back-handed), a negative number means it will favor the right, and the closer to zero means your disc will generally fly straight.

To break it down, turn ratings vary between +1 to -5. A seemingly small range that can make a big difference when factoring in wind, speed of the throw, etc. 

When the disc favors the right, this is displayed as a negative number.


Because the disc is fighting against its natural flight hence a “higher” negative number means the curve will be even more dramatic as the disc will turn more in the air.

Another way to identify right turning discs is their tendency to be understable.

This means that when thrown hard, the disc is more likely to turn right, with an RHBH throw (right-handed backhand).

On the contrary, discs marketed as overstable will turn to the left and well, you guessed it, stable discs will tend to fly straight. 

Depending on the rating of the understable disc, there is a high likelihood it will not fade at the end of its run.

However, it is probable that, depending on the angle it’s thrown, it can finish with a roll. 

These discs are especially used for what is called the turnover shot. This is when a player throws his or her disc with the intention of it going against its natural turn direction.

A player will have the best results when using an understable disc, therefore it’s important to focus on the negative turn rating.

What works well and what to avoid

If you’re looking for that perfect right turning disc, as mentioned above, it’s best to avoid discs with turn ratings close to zero or in the positive range.

These are stable or overstable discs that are more likely to fly in straight trajectories and will be more resistant to winds.

Anything in the negative range is going to give you that right turn you desire. 

Weight can also be a factor.

With high winds, heavier discs are more likely to maintain their trajectory and not be affected. With a lighter disc, you can more easily manipulate its path.

Best right-turning discs: Options

So if you’re looking for that one perfect right turning disc to add to your set, we’ve got just the recommendations for you!

These are just a few among many the industry has to offer and the ones that caught our eye. 

However, it’s always best to consult an industry professional when wanting to get the most out of your purchase.

Ready, here it goes!

Innova DX Beast Golf Disc

Best for beginners to intermediate players. It will increase the distance of your throw and give you that long-distance turnover you are looking for!

The “Beast” marks high in all categories: high speed, high distance, and high glide. It’s a classic in the industry. 

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Speed: 10
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2

View this disc at Amazon to find out more about the Innova DX Beast.

Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc

The Valkyrie from Innova holds the World Distance record. But that’s not the only reason to add it to your set.

It’s on the lighter side and works well with a downwind (while heavier discs perform better in upwinds).

It’s great for turnovers and will fly for a while before it starts to fade.

Here’s the breakdown: 

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2

View at Amazon to learn more about the Innova DX Valkyrie.

MVP Disc Sports Neutron Orbital Disc Golf Driver

This understable disc will stay in the air for a long time. It has a high initial curve and low fade, finishing straight and with a tendency to roll.

The Orbital is better for players with more experience in the game who have the skills to take advantage of all the ways this disc can be manipulated, depending on power and angle of throw.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -4
  • Fade: 1

View this disc at Amazon to find out if the MVP Neutron Orbital is the disc for you.

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com @krisrobin