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Every disc golf player needs a bag on the course. Typically, you’ll want to look for a full-sized bag to fit all your discs and necessary accessories.

However, there are some instances where lugging around a heavy bag can be cumbersome and annoying.

In this article, we’re looking at the best small disc golf bags for days where you’re feeling more minimalist.

We’ll consider reasons you need a bag in the first place, some key necessities you’ll want to keep with you at all times, and at the end we’ll highlight three products: a tote-style bag, a backpack, and a super minimalist satchel!

Why use a disc golf bag?

This won’t take much convincing. . .just think of all the different equipment you need on the course!

Depending on the occasion, some necessities you will want to include in your bag are:

  • A variety of discs. If you’re a true-blue beginner, the basic four discs will suit you just fine: distance driver, fairway driver, mid-range driver, and putter. However, as you advance, you need different discs for different plays. You might need a couple of distance drivers depending on the wind and weather conditions. You might need a stable mid-range driver and an understable mid-range driver designed for anhyzer shots. Experienced disc golf players have individual discs for every occasion: wind, rain, snow, shine, straight courses, curved courses, and courses with obstacles. Generally, disc golf bags come with a section that can accommodate between 12-20 discs on average. When looking for a disc golf bag to purchase, consider your disc inventory and make your choice appropriately!
  • A water bottle. There are times when disc golf can be quite physically demanding. It’s even worse during hot, sweltering summer months. Because it’s so important to stay hydrated and nourish your body, you’ll always want to have a water bottle with you. When looking for a disc golf bag, keep an eye out for one that has a side pocket for a water bottle. Make sure the pocket fits the size of the water bottle you typically carry around the course.
  • A towel. If you’re playing the day after a storm, it’s likely the ground will still be wet. You might be playing in light rain, or in snow. Regardless of the scenario, your disc will most likely get wet, which can mess with the aerodynamics of the disc, and therefore throw the disc’s flight path askew. To help prevent this, you’ll want to keep a towel on hand to periodically wipe your discs off and keep them well-maintained and operating smoothly. Ensure the bag you purchase has enough space for a towel.
  • A score sheet and pencil or pen. It’s hard to try to mentally keep track of the score while trying to focus on the game. Keeping a score sheet and writing utensil on hand (if you’re not using your phone) will help eliminate the added burden of score tracking. Depending on the size of the notepad or paper you have, these items shouldn’t take up much space in your bag by any means.
  • Keys, phone, wallet. Make sure there’s enough room for these items in your bag!

The above items are general necessities we recommend keeping on hand at all times–bare minimum.

Depending on the season, you might also want to include the following:

  • An umbrella. Hardcore players say the game must go on–rain or shine! Even if you’re not a hardcore player, there are plenty of times where an overcast day suddenly turns into a torrential downpour. Consider taking along an umbrella for days such as these.
  • Gloves and a hat. For chillier weather, you might want to consider a pair of disc golf gloves and a warm hat. These are items you likely won’t keep in your bag all year, but they’re definitely good to have handy once that colder weather hits.
  • Snacks! There’s arguably nothing worse than trying to focus on winning the game while you’re hungry. A couple of protein bars or granola bars are great snack items to keep on hand to curb hunger so you can focus better.
  • A flashlight. Typically, disc manufacturers make sure their discs are bright, neon colors to help with visibility. However, if you’re playing a late-evening game and it suddenly turns dark quicker than you anticipated, you might consider keeping a flashlight on hand to make sure you do not lose your disc.
  • Sunglasses. It’s annoying to try to focus on your target with the sun in your eyes, so keep that in mind if you’re playing on a sunny day!
  • Bug spray. We’re debating moving this up to the “necessities” category. After all, who likes being eaten alive by mosquitoes and other pests? If you’re playing outside in any season other than winter, you’ll probably want at least a small can of bug spray on hand.

These are just a few additional ideas of items you might want to keep on hand depending on the season or weather conditions.

If you have a regular-size disc golf bag (and we have an article about the best ones here), you can keep all these items on hand at all times.

However, if you’re looking for a small bag, you’re probably going to have to rotate them out depending on the circumstances.

What to look for in a good small disc golf bag

We’ve listed some things to look out for above, but let’s briefly recap before we head to the products themselves:

  1. Look for a bag with enough space for your collection of discs.
  2. Look for a bag with a side pocket for your water bottle, and make sure the pocket fits the size of the water bottle you have! Otherwise, you might have to purchase a new water bottle to fit the bag.
  3. Make sure the bag has enough extra space for a towel, notepad or scorecard, pencil or pen, keys, wallet, and phone.
  4. Make sure it has enough extra space for seasonal items you might need.

Some other qualities of a good small disc golf bag:

  • Weather-proof material. Make sure the bag you purchase is made from durable, weather-proof material. This will help better protect your belongings.
  • Make sure it has the right kind of strap you’re looking for. Some players prefer backpack-style bags, while others prefer duffel bags.
  • If it’s a backpack-style bag, make sure it has a stable bottom so it stands up on its own without toppling over.
  • Ensure the bag itself is lightweight so it doesn’t become too heavy out on the course.
  • Now that we’ve gotten all the practicalities out of the way, make sure the bag is a color and style you really like! Disc golf can be a form of therapy or self-care for some, so it’s important that you feel really good about your accessories when you’re out on the course. Aesthetics are also important!

Best small disc golf bag

If you’re looking for a good smaller disc golf bag, there are a number of products that could potentially work well for your needs. The following products could potentially work well for your needs.

Athletico Disc Golf Bag – Tote Bag for Frisbee Golf – Holds 10-14 Discs, Water Bottle, and Accessories

Athletico is a well-known disc golf brand–and for good reason! The majority of their products are high-quality and durable, and this bag is no exception.

While full-size bags have capacity for 20+ discs, this one has a 14 disc capacity. The main pocket is where the majority of your discs go.

They’re separated into compartments for better organization.

There’s a pocket on the front where players typically keep their putter disc (but you can keep whatever disc you want there, of course).

There’s a side pocket for your water bottle that can fit a 1 liter bottle. What’s cool about this pocket though is it’s made with a drawstring, so you can secure your water bottle if it’s smaller than a liter.

Opposite to the water bottle pocket are a couple of other zipped pockets where you can keep other accessories or necessities.

Overall, this bag is 11.5 inches tall, 17 inches wide, and 8 inches in depth. It comes in either black or camo.

It’s made of 600D polyester fabric, which means it’s both water and rip resistant!

Finally, the straps are padded and adjustable for your greatest level of comfort.

This bag is designed like a tote, which means it has a single shoulder strap.

This is a great choice for a small disc golf bag, but if you’re looking for a backpack-style bag, it’s not the one for you!

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for your game.


  • Durable, water-resistant, rip-resistant material
  • Enough room for basic necessities and up to 14 discs
  • Adjustable, padded straps


  • Not a lot of color variety

Innova Adventure Pack Backpack Disc Golf Bag – Holds 25 Discs – Lightweight – Includes Innova Limited Edition Stars Mini Marker

Innova is one of the best-known disc golf brands. They produce bags, accessories, baskets, discs, and high-quality educational material about disc golf online.

This bag has a 25 disc capacity. The main bottom pocket is where you’ll keep your general collection of discs. The main upper pocket is where you’ll store your putters.

Similar to the Athletico bag, it has a space for a 1 liter water bottle with a drawstring. It has a small pocket opposite the water bottle pocket for accessories.

You can also store accessories behind the discs in the bottom main bag.

This bag weighs 2 pounds and is 12 inches long. It’s made of 600D polyester as well, so it has the same level of durability and weather and rip resistance as the Athletico.

The straps are also padded and adjustable. The bag comes in Silver/Grey, Navy/Black, and Black/Grey.

View at Amazon for more information on the use of this product with your game.


  • Durable, water-resistant, rip-resistant matieral
  • Enough room for basic necessities and up to 25 discs
  • Adjustable, padded straps
  • More color variety
  • Sturdy bottom so it won’t tip over


  • Innova says the bag can hold 25 discs, but that would make it extremely tight. Estimate that you can fit about 21 in the bag comfortably

NutSac Disc Golf Bag

If you really want something that’s hardcore small, this bag is perfect for you. It’s extremely basic and minimalist, fitting only about 6-7 discs, and then a few basic necessities like keys and phone.

It’s made of strong, sturdy, durable canvas material, like the type of material work pants are made from. It has a strap that fits over the shoulder, and the strap is unpadded.

It comes in three colors: brown, coal, and olive.

This bag basically goes against everything we said to look out for in a good small disc golf bag. It doesn’t have a sturdy bottom to keep it from tipping over. It doesn’t have room for a water bottle or other key accessories like a towel or bug spray or sunscreen.

But hey–if minimalist is your style then this bag is perfect for you!

View at Amazon to learn more on the use of this bag for your needs.


  • Minimalist, small, no-nonsense design
  • Room for 6-7 of your most-used discs
  • Durable, protective material
  • Lightweight


  • No room for accessories besides your keys and phone (and maybe wallet)
  • No sturdy bottom to keep from knocking over
  • No padded straps for greater comfort

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