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If you are an avid ultimate frisbee player or a seasoned athlete of any kind, you probably know that the clothing you wear can have a great impact on how you play.

If an item of clothing is riding up, falling down, or irritating your skin, it can be really distracting and take your focus off of the game at hand. 

This is no different with socks.

The best socks for ultimate frisbee will protect your feet from blisters and absorb the moisture from sweat; having a good pair that will enhance your game instead of distract from it is imperative. 

Regular vs. athletic socks

While you could wear normal, everyday socks to play ultimate frisbee, there are several advantages to wearing athletic socks. 

Regular socks get wet easily from sweat, and once they absorb that moisture, they stay wet for quite a while, leading to more irritation the longer you wear them.

This moisture can lead to increased clinging and rubbing which can lead to painful blisters.

Additionally, constant moisture on your feet can also lead to fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot.

Athletic socks, on the other hand, are moisture-wicking to help prevent blisters and infections.

There are several different material options for sport socks that absorb moisture better than regular cotton socks. 

Wool, while often thought of as a cold-weather material, is actually very breathable and naturally wicks moisture.

Wool fiber naturally absorbs water and can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water before it starts to feel wet.

When wool absorbs moisture, it brings the moisture away from the skin and to the surface of the material where it is able to evaporate.

This is what makes wool so breathable and allows for it to regulate temperature whether in hot or cold weather. 

Another option would be synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester. Similar to wool, these fibers can pull sweat away from the skin to the surface of the material to evaporate.

Nylon and polyester are also more lightweight and they dry quickly. 

Choosing socks that are designed to accommodate sweating and activity will be more advantageous because they will help reduce moisture and friction, reducing the chance of blisters or other irritations.

Regular socks also do not have the level of protection needed for rigorous activity. 

Normal socks are made thinner to fit a wide variety of shoes.

They are designed for average, everyday activity, not for prolonged periods of activity that involve constant movement.

Activewear socks are usually designed thicker with additional cushion. This extra padding helps protect your feet from the impact of running, jumping, and landing. 

Often, the padding is added by having several layers of material. Having multiple layers is also beneficial for decreasing friction.

The friction will be focused between the layers of fabric rather than between the foot and the fabric, which decreased irritation on the skin.

Athletic socks being thicker also makes your shoes fit better. There is less room between the inside of your shoe and your foot, so your feet will not slide around in your shoes.

Overall, using socks that are designed for sports is going to better suit your needs during a game.

Socks for the beach

Playing ultimate frisbee on the beach has its own unique set of challenges.

Regular shoes and socks do not work well on the beach because the sand moves easily under your step, causing your shoes to sink and fill with sand. 

Going barefoot, however, is also not always ideal because you could burn the bottoms of your feet on the hot sand or step on a jagged rock or shell or even glass.

Luckily, there are socks that are specifically designed for beach sports. 

Sand socks are designed to be worn without shoes as an alternative to being barefoot.

They allow you to feel the ground under you and keep balance in your movement while protecting your feet from rough terrain.

Sand socks help prevent cuts and burns that could occur if you play with bare feet; this allows you to play longer because you will not have to worry about the sun getting too hot in the heat of the day.

They also prevent blisters that normal shoes could cause.  

Sand socks fit close to the foot so that they will not slide off from constant movement or from the weight of the sand.

They are also lightweight so they will not weigh you down or make it harder to move in the sand. 

San socks are also designed with multiple layers that make them ideal for a beach setting.

The inner layer absorbs moisture and allows for air circulation to help with sweating.

The outer layer is moisture-resistant to prevent sweat and water from weighing down the sock or sticking to the sand. 

The socks go above the ankle to help stabilize the ankle and cushion the bottoms of the feet for jumping, which is the kind of support you need for ultimate frisbee. 

Best socks for Ultimate Frisbee

Here are a few pairs of socks that will work well for an ultimate frisbee game depending on the type of terrain on which you are playing.

Darn Tough Hiker 1/4 Cushion Sock – Men’s

These socks are made of 61% Merino Wool, 37% Nylon, and 2% Lycra Spandex.

The Merino Wool will keep your feet warm in colder conditions but will also allow your feet to breathe. They provide comfort and breathability in any weather condition, allowing for great temperature regulation. 

The combination of materials pulls moisture away from your skin and dries quickly, so sweating during gameplay will not be an issue. 

The material is also naturally antimicrobial and will repel bacteria and odor. 

They are ¼ sock height and hit right above the ankle.

This height will not compress your legs but is still high enough on the ankle that they will not slide down in your shoe while playing. 

These socks are designed for activity, so they fit close to the foot and will not slip or bunch. This helps reduce friction, preventing blisters. 

They are seamless for a smooth and comfortable feel. 

They are also comfortable due to the mid-level cushion density. 

The material is durable, so it can withstand constant activity without wearing out or becoming uncomfortable. 

Darn Tough is confident in the quality of their products, and they offer a lifetime guarantee on these socks.

If your socks do not hold up or you do not find them to be comfortable, you can return them for another pair.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

Wrightsock Anti-Blister Double Layer Running II Lo Quarter

These socks are made from Dri-Wright® II Polyester, Nylon, and Lycra.

They are designed with a patented “Stabilizer Zone” band across the arch that features more Lycra for a snug fit that will contour to the shape of your foot.

The inner and outer layers are made of Enhanced Dri-Wright II polyester that helps keep feet dry. This double layer of moisture wicking material pulls moisture away from your skin and dries quickly. 

The double layer also prevents friction against your foot to protect from blisters. The friction is absorbed between the two layers of fabric instead of between the fabric and your foot. 

These socks have a flat-knit design that is made with a more durable Dri-Wright performance yarn which allows the socks to hold up against rigorous activity over time. 

They are mid-weight, which are thick enough to fill your shoe so your feet do not slide around but thin enough to allow your feet to breathe. 

These socks are low-cut, hitting just below the ankle, so they will work better with low-cut shoes. 

These are unisex socks that come in sizes ranging from small to extra-large, and they come in either black or white. 

View on Amazon to learn more about this product. 

Sand Socks for Beach Soccer, Sand Volleyball and Snorkeling

These sand socks are a great choice if you will be playing ultimate frisbee on the beach because you will be able to maneuver more easily while still protecting your feet. 

They allow you to maintain your balance and feel the ground under your feet while protecting against the elements.

These socks have an Action Flex sole with 3 millimeters of neoprene protection against the temperature, the sand, and any other harsh surfaces.

The neoprene in the toes and heels also stretches with your foot for more flexibility and helps protect against injury. 

The sole also has a Duratex coating for added durability. These beach socks have a reinforced four-needle flat-lock stitch that makes them more hard-wearing.

These socks can be used on the sand or in the water.

You can wear them on their own or wear them under shoes or sandals. 

They are designed to be comfortable and to improve your performance. They are also quick-drying so that neither water nor sweat will inhibit your game. 

There is an adjustable cuff for a secure fit that will keep sand out and keep your feet from sliding in the socks. 

The spandex upper is breathable and light, so your feet and ankles will be protected from both sand and UV rays while still receiving airflow. 

 These sand socks come in a variety of fun colors and patterns.

View at Amazon for more information on how these socks might work for you.

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