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Footwear manufacturers have discovered that athletics and other related games are more than just talent.

To excel in any sport, a professional need to be complemented with the right shoes.

The manufactures are, therefore, tirelessly improving and advancing specific shoes for specific types of games.

When it comes to disc golf, the type of shoes can significantly determine your overall performance.

On a wet grassy terrain, the wrong shoes can mess up with your stability, stamina, and comfort.

It is, therefore, crucial that when you are selecting discs, bags, and a training basket, you should not forget to choose the right waterproof disc golf shoes for yourself.

So what are the best waterproof disc golf shoes?

Before we dive into our top list of disc golf shoes, we would like to educate you on why you need waterproof footwear, and how to choose the right disc golf shoes.

Why might waterproof shoes be useful in disc golf?

When playing Disc golf, there is nothing as uncomfortable as playing in a wet shoe.

While it is quite hard to avoid the wet grass in a disc golf course, you should shield yourself with waterproof shoes.

When training or golfing in the early morning, a typical shoe will disappoint you when it soaks on the wet grass.

Waterproof shoes give you confidence and comfort when you are standing on the tee pads or grassy ground.

It ensures your toes are always dry and convenient for toe dragging.

A water shoe also makes it comfortable for you to continue playing during the rainy and snowing season.

How to choose a good waterproof shoe for disc golf

If you didn’t know, disc golf is well known for consuming up shoes.

The rocky, wet grass terrain coupled with concrete tee pads and combined with twisting, toe dragging, and planting can consume regular shoes in days.

If you don’t want to keep on replacing your disc golf shoes in matters of days, here are several factors that you should look for when getting the right shoes.


This might sound like a repetition since we have already addressed why you need a waterproof shoe.

However, it is of great significance to note that a shoe can be partly waterproof or fully waterproofed.

The partially waterproof shoe has a light waterproof lining on top, while a full one is waterproofed both sides.

Partly waterproof shoes are relatively breathable while a full one is not.

Depending on your taste, you can decide to select a partly waterproofed, which is breathable.

If not, you can forego the breathability and get fully waterproofed shoes.

High grip

The grip of the shoe is an essential factor to consider for any athletic or game shoes.

The disc golf shoes should have a high gripping ability to suit grassy, rocky, concrete, and muddy terrain.

The grip of the shoe depends on the type and pattern of the tread.

The tread of the golf shoes gives you the pivot, control, and stability when rotating to throw the disc.

It is quite frustrating to slide on the concrete tee pads while making a throw.

To avoid this, choose the shoe with the right grip for any kind of terrain.


Comfort is an important aspect to consider when selecting a waterproof shoe for disc golfing.

While it goes without saying, wearing uncomfortable shoes can ruin your mood, confidence, and focus.

You will be walking for miles in the golf course, and therefore a comfortable shoe should be your priority.

Ensure you put on the right size that is not too fitting or loose.

Good disc golf shoes should be well padded with the comfortable inner sole.

You do not want to get bruises or shin splits from wearing uncomfortable shoes.


The strength of a disc golf shoe is something you should never compromise if you are not ready to keep going back for new shoes.

As we earlier pointed out, disc golf in well known for eating up shoes.

The concrete tee pads, rocky terrain, and wet grass eat up the soles of your shoes.

The disc golf shoes are always subjected to constant wear and tear, and if they are not correctly stitched, they might rip out in the middle of a throw.

A great shoe should be reinforced with durable material and have excellent stitches.

The strength of your shoe will determine its durability and how often you go back to get a new one.


Different disc golf shoes come in different weights.

If you prefer lightweight shoes, then you should consider the overall weight of the shoe.

Some prefer heavier and durable shoes that give them the confidence to traverse any form of ground.

The weight should somehow affect the maximum momentum and power that you generate.

Best Waterproof Shoes for Disc Golf

There are a number of waterproof or weather-resistant shoes that may work well for your disc golf game.

It’s important to always consult an industry professional before using any new product for your game.

The following products may provide a good place from which to begin your search.

adidas outdoor Mens Terrex Swift R2 GTX

The magnificent Adidas outdoor Mens Terrex Swift R2 GTX kicks off our top list, and it surely never disappoints.

This is genuinely made to take all that wear and tear of disc golfing.

It is has a booty design coupled with a sporty touch, making it ideal for golfing and hiking in the disc golf course.

The outer sole is stiff and perfectly treaded, offering you maximum traction and grip on different grounds.

The sole has a synthetic waterproof membrane that makes the shoe completely water-resistant.

The middle sole offers you great cushioning and maximum comfort that lets you only focus on the game.

If you are a wide footed disc golfer, this one is also very ideal for you. The shoe is made to accommodate the narrow and the wide foot, thus providing the required comfort in the golf course.

The shoe is undoubtedly very durable and surprisingly relatively light. It weighs 1.3 lbs, making it ideal for disc golfing.

The only con with this one is that you have to wear it for longer before it breaks-in.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for your needs.


  • Durable and strong
  • Fully waterproof
  • Excellent Grip
  • Great cushion and comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Takes longer to break-in

KEEN Men’s Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot

The KEEN Men’s Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot is another great shoe that needs no introduction.

What makes it great is the excellent waterproof ability coupled with a breathable membrane.

The shoe is able to keep the moisture out and also lets out the inner vapor giving you extra comfort.

The outer sole is made of terrain rubber, providing you with that extra traction and grip you need on the tee pads and grassy grounds.

The sole is also ideal for traversing the muddy and rocky environments.

The shoe has a booty design with external support shank (ESS) that provides you with stability and support for uneven grounds.

The shoe is also the comfortable and right size for a wide and narrow foot.

The middle sole offers you excellent cushion and is great in absorbing shocks.

The con for this shoe is that it is not ideal for long wet grass. It might start soaking.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.


  • Made from pure leather
  • Breathable membrane
  • Great traction and grip
  • Extra support for uneven ground


  • Not ideal for long wet grass

Wantdo Men’s Hiking Boots Waterproof, High-Traction Grip Hiking Shoes for Men Outdoor Work Camping Trekking

The Wantdo Men’s Hiking Boots is a great disc golf full waterproof shoe that is worth all your attention.

The shoe is made from shiny leather fitted with hydro guard waterproof lining that prevents any water from getting in.

The material is quite easy to clean or polish, making you look ever neat.

The boot comes with an excellent outer sole with anti-slip forefoot and anti-skid heel pieces that guarantee you maximum traction you can desire.

The sole is made with shock-absorbing technology making it comfortable when you apply any pressure on it.

The boot has a double-layered middle sole for cushioning and for deodorization.

The inner section of the boot has an excellent absorption mechanism that keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

The foot has a rubber toe cap that offers protection to your toes and thick, soft padding for protecting your heel and ankle.

The boot is very comfortable and stable. It is ideal for both narrow and wide footed golfers.

The only con with this boot is that it is heavy and might be tedious to use it for long distances.

View at Amazon for more information on how this shoe could work for your game.


  • Great waterproof mechanism
  • Excellent traction and grip
  • Cushioned and comfortable
  • Stable and strong


  • Heavy and tedious for long distances.

Final thoughts

Depending on your taste, you can select any of the above shoes to spice up and improve on your disc golfing.

The shoes are perfect and guarantee value for money.

The shoes also come in different shades and designs.

If you’re looking to play disc golf in all seasons and various weather conditions, it’s a good idea to consider investing in a shoe that’s appropriate for the task.

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