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Distance drivers are the hardest discs to manage in disc golf. These discs are typically reserved for intermediate and advanced players, although there are options out there for beginners.

The reason distance drivers tend to be more difficult is because they have higher speed capacities and therefore require more power and technique to throw accurately.

Wide rims make them even more difficult to power because the wider the rim, the higher the speed.

Although that can be intimidating for most beginner and intermediate-level players, if you’re an advanced player looking to optimize your game and achieve maximum distance, a wide rim driver might be the perfect solution.

Today we’re exploring some of the top discs in the industry to help you find the best wide rim disc golf drivers for your recreational needs.

Why use a wide rim disc golf driver?

Some things within the American disc golf world are not heavily regulated. The only sort of qualifications that the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) has instituted for disc golf disc manufacturers are the measurements of the disc:

According to this document issued by the PDGA on disc golf technical standards, disc golf discs must:

“Not be less than 21 centimeters in outside disc diameter, not exceed 30 centimeters in outside disc diameter; must have a rim width no greater than 2.6 centimeters.”

When looking at wide rim discs, we’re looking for discs that measure close to or out to that 2.6 centimeter regulation.

In disc golf, discs with wider rims tend to be able to generate higher speed. A wide rim and high speed and glide ratings are a killer combo when it comes to generating optimal long distance flight patterns.

However, these also require a lot of power and technique to manipulate properly, so these discs are mostly appropriate for advanced and professional-level players, and in some instances intermediate-level players.

Tips to increase distance

Increasing the distance of your throws ultimately boils down to practice, practice, practice. The more you practice your drives, the better and more accurate your throws will be.

Below are a few more tips to help you achieve maximum distance with the right disc:

  1. Increase your power. Some people have the misconception that disc golf is an easy game that doesn’t require a lot of strength. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In order to accurately throw a high speed disc over a long distance, you need a lot of power and strength from both your arms and your lower body.
    In order to help improve your game, we recommend working out to help strengthen your arms, legs, core, back, and shoulders. Sure, disc golf is a great workout on its own, but when combined with a resistance training and flexibility regimen, you’ll be unstoppable.
    The greater your power, the more speed you’ll be able to generate. One way to work on your speed (aside from working out and increasing strength and flexibility) is to practice towel drills.
    Grab a disc golf towel and practice your reach back and follow throw. This will help you work on the motion of the throw and feel the snap of release that you should feel when you’re throwing an actual disc.
  2. Technique. Your throwing technique is what will ultimately determine the flight pattern of your disc. This only comes with time and practice. Along with technique, you also have to be aware of the timing of your run-up and release. Again, this only comes with practice.
  3. Do not neglect the follow-through. The follow-through is one of the most underrated parts of the throw, but it is essential to proper technique.

What to look for in a good wide rim disc golf driver

When looking for a wide rim disc golf driver, look for one with a minimum width of 2.2 centimeters.

For flight ratings, you’re going to want to look for higher speed and glides, and a lower fade. Whether you gravitate towards an overstable or understable disc is your personal preference.

  • Speed: Speed is rated on a scale of 1 to 14, so we recommend going with a minimum speed of 12.
  • Glide: Glide is rated on a scale of 1 to 7, so look for a glide rating of between 5 to 7.
  • Turn: Turn is rated on a scale of +1 to -5. The closer the number is to +1, the more overstable the disc is, while the closer the number is to -5, the more understable the disc is. Again, when it comes to wide rim disc golf drivers, the turn rating is going to depend on your personal preference.
  • Fade: Fade is rated on a scale of 0 to 5. You’ll want your distance driver to have a lower fade rating, so we recommend a max fade rating of 3 (ideally less than that).

As far as the weight of the disc is concerned, this will also come down to personal preference. Experienced disc golf players understand how different disc weights behave in the air.

Since distance drivers are flying high and long, they’re more likely to catch wind.

The lighter the disc, the more likely it is to be destabilized by the wind, while the heavier the disc, the more wind resistant.

Regarding the plastic blend, this is a matter of personal preference. Once you’ve played disc golf for awhile and experimented with different discs, you know which textures you prefer to work with.

Any disc from a well-reputed manufacturer that is PDGA approved will work for you just fine, so don’t worry too much about the material blend.

Best wide rim disc golf drivers

If you’re looking for the right wide rim driver for disc golf, there are a number of products you can use to improve your play. The following options may help you begin your search.

Innova Ricky Wysocki 2X Star Destroyer Distance Driver Golf Disc [Colors May Vary]

This disc is one of the most popular disc golf distance drivers in the game. It’s a great choice to help you achieve the maximum distance possible, achieve long hyzers, and make headwind drives.

This disc is PDGA approved and has a diameter of 21.2 centimeters but a rim width of 2.2 centimeters.

This disc comes in the following weight categories: 140-150 grams, 151-159 grams, 160-164 grams, 165-169 grams, 170-172 grams, and 173-175 grams.

The heavier the disc, the more control and wind resistance you’ll have. It also comes in white, lime green, or bright yellow, although you cannot guarantee which color they send you.

This disc is available in the following Innova plastics:

Star, GStar, EchoStar, Champion, Blizzard, Metal Flake, Pro, and DX. You can learn more about Innova’s plastic lines here, but we highlight the Star plastic because it allows you to get a firm, comfortable grip, it’s durable, and it’s high performing.

This disc’s flight ratings: Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn -1, and Fade 3. This disc has a perfect ratings combo for a long, steady flight. It has high speed and high glide, which are two killer combinations.

It’s a fairly stable disc since its turn rating is -1, and its low fade number means it will produce a longer finish.

Special bonus, this disc also features a Ricky Wysocki signature stamp (if you don’t know who he is, he’s a disc golf world champion).

This is an advanced disc. It requires quite a bit of arm speed, strength, and power to ensure a straight flight. If you try to throw the disc without an adequate amount of power, it will hyzer out of control.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product may work for you.

Prodigy Disc 400G Series D6 Distance Driver Golf Disc [Colors May Vary]

Another great choice in wide rim drivers is the Prodigy D6. This is made with Prodigy’s 400G series plastic, which is an understable, premium blend of extremely durable material.

This plastic is grippy and comfortable and takes awhile to be broken in.

It has a rim width of 2.4 centimeters. Its flight ratings are: Speed 13, Glide 6, Turn -4, and Fade 2. While the Innova Destroyer has a more stable flight pattern, the Prodigy D6 is extremely understable.

As long as you have enough arm strength to power the disc with the right amount of velocity, this disc will provide a long, high flight with a gentle fade at the end.

This disc has a more limited weight range than the Innova Destroyer: 160-164 grams, 165-169 grams, and 170-174 grams.

The heavier weights help maximize control and provide wind resistance, but keep in mind heavier discs are more difficult to power.

Colors may vary with this disc, so there are no guarantees as to what color you are sent.

This disc is PDGA approved.

Again, all discs reviewed today are for advanced players. These all require a lot of developed technique and arm speed to power properly.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product may work for you.

Innova Star Tern

Another great disc option from Innova is the Star Tern. This disc also comes from Innova’s Star plastic line, but has more limited weight options than the Destroyer.

This disc starts at the 150-160 grams weight category and progresses up to 175 grams max.

It has a rim width of 2.3 centimeters, and its flight ratings are: Speed 12, Glide 6, Turn -3, Fade 2.

It’s a high speed, high glide disc, but while the Innova Destroyer is a stable disc, the Innova Star Tern is quite understable.

This disc is PDGA approved and comes in a bright yellow color, although colors may vary.

While the other two discs are more appropriate for advanced players, the Innova Star Tern is one of the few wide rimmed distance drivers that are appropriate for intermediate-level players.

It provides long, high-glide flights without requiring the same professional level of power that the previous two highlighted discs require. This doesn’t mean it does not still require great form and technique, but it does mean it could be a good starting wide-rim distance driver for an intermediate level player looking to advance their game.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for your disc golf needs.

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com @jarih