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Mid-range discs are vital to disc golf because players use these discs for the majority of their shots.

Once the initial long-distance drive is made on the first throw, disc golf players use their mid-range discs for their next throws until they can get the disc close enough to the basket to bring it in with their putter.

As a result, it is important for players to have a variety of reliable mid-range discs to choose from during a game. 

If you are looking for another mid-range disc to add to your bag, look no further than two of the most popular brands on the market: Discraft and Innova.

Both of these well-known brands offer a variety of mid-range discs to choose from that will help enhance your game.

In this article, we are going to focus our attention on comparing the Buzzz SS vs Mako3.

Buzzz SS vs Mako3: A closer look

Flight characteristics

Of the basic flight ratings, speed is the only rating that these two discs have in common. 

The Buzzz SS and the Mako3 both have a speed rating of 5. Neither disc is extremely fast, but they are easier to throw more accurately.

The rest of the ratings for these two discs differ.

In terms of glide, the Buzzz SS is rated at a 4 while the Mako3 comes in at a 5.

This means the Mako3 is able to stay in the air a little longer and cover a little more distance.

Having a higher glide rating is also good for players that have a little less force behind their throw because the disc will be able to go further on its own without you needing to put the extra force behind it.

The Buzzz SS turn rating is -2, and for the Mako3 it is 0, making the Buzz SS a little easier to throw, but the Mako3 a little more resistant to turning over and thus more accurate in the wind. 

A disc’s fade is the tendency for it to hook to the left (on right-handed throws) at the end of its flight.

The Mako3 is rated a 0 for fade while the Buzzz SS is rated a 1.

Both discs will stay relatively straight during their flight path, but the Buzz SS will have a little more fade right at the end. 

Other differences

Both the Buzzz SS and the Mako3 come in 4 different options of plastics. 

The Buzzz SS comes in the options Z, Z FLX, ESP, and Titanium.

The Z plastic is the most durable and lasts 2-3 times longer than the other plastics; it also allows for a truer flight.

The Z FLX combines the durability of the Z plastic with the soft and flexible feel of the FLX plastic, and it is easier to grip, especially in wet conditions.

The ESP plastic is tough with better grip than the Z line plastic.

The Titanium plastic is the highest performance blend and is extremely grippy and durable. 

The Mako3 comes in the options Champion, Star, GStar, and XT.

The Champion plastic is designed for professional players, so discs made with this plastic are firmer and more stable.

Star plastic has the same durability of the Champion plastic with an improved grip; it is also slightly less firm than the Champion plastic.

GStar is similar to Star but adds flexibility and more grip, which is ideal for those who have less grip strength. 

Finally, the XT plastic is almost as durable as the premium plastics and has a unique grip that is perfect for all weather conditions. 

Both brands offer plastic options that help with durability, grip, and flexibility.

What plastic you choose depends on what your particular needs are.

For example, if you tend to play in cold or rainy conditions, the Buzzz SS in Z FLX plastic or the Mako3 in XT plastic would both be solid options that specifically address your needs. 

Which one is best for you?

Both discs are similar to the models that came before them, so if you are already partial to one of these brands, you will likely enjoy these most recent models as well. 

Players who were fans of the original Buzzz will enjoy the feel of the Buzzz SS because it has the same comfortable rim grip and feels similar in the hand.

The difference between the Buzzz and the Buzzz SS is the latter has a straight to understable flight right out of the box without having to be worn in.

Those who enjoyed the Innova Mako will find that the Mako3 has a very similar feel but is slightly faster than the original.

The only physical difference is that the Mako3 has a slightly flatter profile. 

When it comes down to flight characteristics, the Mako3 will glide a little further and will perform a little better in a headwind than the SS. 

While both discs will stay pretty straight when thrown, the Buzz SS will fade a little at the end.

Overall, the Mako3 would be a better choice if you are looking to get a little more distance and a straighter flight path from your throw, but the characteristics of these two discs are so similar that you really can’t go wrong with either one. 

You can view the Discraft Buzzz SS and the Innova Mako3 on Amazon for more information about how these discs might work for you.

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