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Can you play disc golf with a regular frisbee? Many people who want to start playing disc golf wonder this, and this article will seek to answer all your questions.

The short answer? No!

But why not? Let’s take a closer look.

You can’t really play disc golf with a normal frisbee because they were designed to be caught and thrown a relatively short distance.

Disc golf discs are designed to be thrown hard so they can fly longer distances with greater accuracy.

They are specialized for the game to fly faster and farther. They are also made of a different kind of plastic to make them more durable.

There are also a large range of discs for different kinds of flying like distance drivers and putters.

In the section below, we explore some of the most important differences that will make a huge difference in your disc golf game!

What’s the difference between a Frisbee and a disc golf disc?

Many people know the frisbee in the form from Wham-O toy company. They sell the Ultimate Firsbee that was designed just for tossing it around or for ultimate frisbee games.

It is made of plastic that is very durable, making it a great disc to toss wiht a friend or roommate.

Disc golf discs are made specifically for disc golf games.

A number of different manufacturing companies produce all kinds of difference discs from fairway drivers, distance drivers, and putters.

They are smaller than ultimate frisbees and are denser. The plastic material is more durable to prevent damage during a game.

There are a number of different obstacles they could crash against on a course like shrubs, trees, and rocks.

Disc golf discs were also not designed to be caught by people.

Instead, they have a sharp edge designed to make them more aerodynamic to help them fly more accurately towards a cage.

Ultimately, the disc has to land in the cage, so it has to be more durable.

Flying difference between disc golf discs and Frisbees

Frisbees were designed with predictability in mind since they are made to be used in ultimate frisbee games or to toss between friends.

They tend to fly smoothly with a predictable flight path.

They are built to fly straight and curve later at the end of the throw because they are supposed to be caught and thrown again.

Disc golf discs are very different.

They have a very different flight path depending on the kind of plastic used in manufacturing and the style of the disc.

They were also designed to fly a lot further than normal frisbees. The longest throw was more than 1,190 feet!

How they fly

The greatest difference is the way they fly. There are a large number of different disc golf discs that are made for different purposes.

Take a look at some of the differences in disc golf discs below.

  • Distance Drivers — Distance drivers have the ability to travel the furthest. They also depend on speed to travel to the intended flight path. They have sharper noses and wider rims than the other disc golf discs which make them more challenging for new players or those who are very young.
  • Fairway Drivers — Fairway drivers are designed for control because they can’t reach the same speeds as distance drivers. They have slightly smaller rims which cause them to be great choices for straight flights and shorter drives. They are also perfect for shots with less skip and tighter lines. Fairway drivers are perfect for both experienced players and inexperienced players.
  • Midrange Discs — A midrange disc is a great first disc for beginners. They have straighter flight paths so they won’t go off track like a fairway or distance driver will. Midrange discs help new players feel more comfortable because they have smaller rims that fit in people’s hands better. They also have a deeper inner rim which can be helpful to navigate thinner fairways or landing approaches.
  • Putters — Putters are the slowest of the disc golf discs but they are also intended to fly shorter distances on a straight flight path. They are a slow spinner that has the thinnest rim of all the discs, making them less likely to fly far beyond the basket. It is perfect for players building their short game and it can be vital to help players score well.

PDGA Rules

PDGA considers normal frisbees to be illegal discs in disc golf.

The Professional Disc Golf association governs the standards and the legal rules of disc golf and mandates which discs can be used in professional play.

Choosing a disc that’s right for you depends on the way you throw.

Your arm might move more quickly or at a different angle which can change the flight path of the disc.

Finding one that fits you perfectly can take time, so be patient and try a few out before purchasing!

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