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Is your disc golf arsenal missing that perfect putter to seal the deal at the end of a hole?

Your short game depends on choosing the right one for you.

Just because putters don’t give you the distance doesn’t mean there aren’t significant factors to take into consideration when choosing one.

Let’s not forget, many games can be determined by that last throw!

It can be overwhelming sifting through the countless options on the market but in this article we will be taking a closer look at just two models out there – both with their pros and cons but each one worthy of finding a home in your disc set.

Read on as we compare two top-notch models – the Gateway Voodoo vs. Wizard, and let you know which one can suit your needs.

Let’s talk about putters

Let’s first give some time to discuss what makes a good putter. Where is their place in the disc golf line-up?

Putters, also known as approach discs, may not be the fastest discs in the family but they are designed perfectly for short-distance throws and straight flight paths.

Their lack of speed lessens the risk of your disc flying past the basket and missing the shot.

They typically have thin, blunt rims and harness low speed ratings between and 1 and 3.

They also have lower glide ratings (around 3) as distance is not usually a factor with putters.

Their turn ratings are typically between -3 and 1 and have a low fade (between 0 and 3).

These flight ratings will most typically be displayed like this: 2/3/-2/1.

What makes the Gateway Voodoo special

The Gateway Voodoo is newer than the Wizard and has a flight rating of 3/4/0/1 and weighs an average of just 175 grams.

It’s known for its accuracy and straight flight. It fits comfortably in your throwing hand and even has a micro-bead lining on the outside of the rim.

Measuring 21.1 centimeters in diameter and with a height of 2.1 centimeters, the Gateway Voodoo is one of the smaller putters on the market and is extremely easy to handle, both in the aim and release of the disc.

It can come in a variety of different plastics ranging from soft, super soft, super stupid soft, and evolution.

No matter the plastic you choose, this disc will feel soft, “sticky”, and moldable.

Some of the advantages to the Gateway Voodoo are its consistency, stability and ability to fly straight in the air, with the right conditions. 

Perhaps the only downside to the Gateway Voodoo, if there even is one, is that anything above a mild wind may blow the Voodoo off course.

When playing with winds over 20 miles per hour, it may be best to choose another putter.

But overall the Gateway Voodoo is a great, reliable putter for those up close approaches.

You can view the Gateway S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo at Amazon, as well as browse other styles.

What makes Gateway Wizard Special

The Gateway Wizard is another excellent option to add to your disc golf arsenal.

The Wizard may be the most popular putter of the Gateway brand, and with good reason.

Like the Voodoo, it also comes with different options for types of plastic including: Evolution, soft, super soft, super stupid soft, rff, eraser, organic, glow … and many more! 

It has a flight rating of 3/5/0/2 and weighs between 170 and 175 grams, similar in weight to the Voodoo. 

As you can see, the Wizard’s glide rating is higher than most putters. This means it will stay in the air longer.

As opposed to the Voodoo, whose flight path is shorter, the Wizard is the perfect putter for approach shots as you can throw it from a farther distance (staying under 300 feet).

The Wizard is known for its versatility and being handy for a variety of putts: short, long, approach shots, and even short drives.

The Wizard’s rim is thicker than the Voodoo’s and many players express the need “break it in” first.

However it’s precisely this thicker plastic that gives the Wizard’s its trademark consistency and stability. 

Like the Voodoo, it’s also very grippy and gives you the control you need to make that perfect putt. 

You can view the Gateway Supersoft Wizard Disc Golf Putter at Amazon for more information.

Gateway Voodoo vs. Wizard: Which is right for you?

To sum it up, the Wizard has a longer trajectory but needs more time to be broken in, while the Voodoo comes out of the box already soft, and molded to your hand. 

Both come in a wide variety of plastics and depending on your abilities and preferences, you can choose which ones you like best. 

If you know you will typically be playing in windier conditions, the Wizard may be the way to go.

However, the Voodoo is extremely reliable for making those consistent up-close shots.

The Wizard’s longer flight path is an advantage for being able to make a variety of shots but its high glide can also be affected by winds if thrown without consideration.

To conclude, both the Gateway Voodoo and Wizard are great options when choosing a putter. 

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com