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The moment has finally come. You’ve waded into the waters of disc golf, discovered your love for the sport, and now you want a PDGA membership.

You might be new to disc golf and wondering if you should become a PDGA member.

Either way, this article is a complete breakdown of what a PDGA membership includes and how much it will cost you.

Read on for a transparent and honest look into the world of PDGA.

What is the PDGA?

Even if you have heard of PDGA before, it’s always good to have a short refresher and maybe learn some new information.

For anyone who doesn’t know, PDGA stands for the Professional Disc Golf Association.

It is classified as a non-profit membership organization.

Their mission statement is to expand disc golf and increase its popularity through organizing tournaments, developing new courses, establishing rules for competitions, and managing media publicity.

You can check out the many events they manage here.

PDGA has only grown as disc golf’s popularity has multiplied and spread across the globe.

It has massive influence in the world of competitive disc golf because it’s established so many tournament regulations.

There is even a PDGA International Disc Golf Center with beautiful courses, the Disc Golf Hall of Fame, and home to the National Championship.

But how does all of this information impact you?

Well, it tells you two primary things.

  • PDGA is one of the biggest and most influential disc golf organizations out there. If you want to get involved with disc golf, this is your ticket. It is hard to understate its significance in this sport. PDGA has done a lot to manage both the technical aspects of disc golf as a game and the community of players.
  • PDGA runs on memberships. As stated before, PDGA is registered as a non-profit organization. However, to fund its many events and fancy international center, it charges money for memberships.

Keep these facts in mind while you consider purchasing a PDGA membership.

It’s important to understand the context before making any financial decision to join an organization.

How much is a PDGA Membership?

It is time to dive straight into the different tiers of membership and the prices associated with them.

We’ll start with the lowest tier and move on up the rankings.

The best thing is that anyone who wants to can sign up for a membership!

There are no annoying gatekeeping qualifications, so register if you want to join.

Junior Membership

The Junior Membership is for disc golf players who will turn 18 or younger during the calendar year.

This is a special membership that’s tailored for younger players.

Like any sport, disc golf often arranges different tournaments based on age.

Younger players have specific divisions and competitions, which is why they also get a membership tier.

If you want to get involved in the disc golf community at an early age, this is a good place to start.

PDGA offers a lot of great opportunities to get involved in the world of disc golf.

As far as memberships are concerned, $30 annually is an amazing deal.

It is affordable enough that most people could purchase a membership once and see if they enjoy it without having to fork over too much cash.

However, here is a drawback to consider.

If you’re under 18, maybe you’re not sure how much you want to commit to disc golf.

The best financial advice is often to sleep on a purchasing decision for at least three days.

If you still want to purchase a PDGA Junior Membership, then go for it!

Amateur Membership

At $50 annually, PDGA’s Amateur Membership is the next step for players over the age of 18.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of an Amateur Membership.

For anyone over 18, this membership is the perfect medium for players that want to be involved in the PDGA community without committing to a Professional Membership.

At $50, it’s not insanely expensive either.

You can accept prizes at PDGA events!

Who doesn’t love winning things? With this membership, you can claim prizes at PDGA events.

Professional Membership

This membership is for people serious about disc golf. If you play for the money, then it’s probably worth the yearly $75 to become a Professional PDGA member.

You need this membership to accept monetary winnings in PDGA events.

For some players, this makes the $75 investment well worth it.

However, there are plenty of disc golf players who hate competing.

If you play for fun and don’t like the pressure, save your money.

This membership tier is probably not for you.

Perks all membership tiers enjoy

PDGA members of all tiers get access to some exclusive perks according to this article here.

Check out this list to get a sense of the benefits.

  • You get a PDGA membership card and number!
  • Want subscriptions to DiscGolfer magazine and the official disc golf app? How about a copy of the Official Rules of Disc Golf and Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events? A disc marker? Purchase any membership level to gain access to these great things.
  • PDGA members can also get incredible discounts at stores like Home Depot, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and National Car Rental, La Quinta Inn & Suites, and many others.

What is not covered by membership?

Last but not least, let’s examine what’s not covered by a PDGA membership. PDGA offers quite a few premium clubs that members can join.

These clubs are optional.

However, they guarantee extra benefits for their members. Think shirts and disc bags.

Of course, these clubs have a hierarchy with different levels and costs.

If you find one that interests you, check it out. They are not required to get a PDGA membership, though.

With that, we’ve covered the world of PDGA memberships.

You now know all three of the tiers and their advantages and disadvantages.

Remember, one size does not fit all. Make sure to evaluate the details carefully to find the best match for you.

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