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Do you know that all work with no play made Jack a dull boy? If this phrase is something to go by, then a person must engage in a play.

There are tenfold of benefits that come with gaming and also tenfold of games that one can engage in.

Disc golf, apart from becoming a pro golf player, provides your body with aerobic exercise and mental stimulation, increasing your concentration skills, among other benefits.

If this is your dream, this post is going to guide you on how to become better and it will also capture how much you can earn for a living when you become a professional.

What is disc golf?

This is a flying disc sport where players throw the disc at a target. The game has rules similar to that of golf and is usually played, of course, with 9 or 18 holes.

Players compete by throwing the disc to the hole, and whoever makes the least throws to hit the target becomes the winner.

Usually, the disc is thrown from a tee area towards the target; if you make the first throw and aren’t able to meet the target, you will go through it for a second time from where the previous throw had landed.

The process continues until you meet the target. All the throws you make are tallied.

In the United States, tournaments are held nationwide and year long.

PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) organizes international and professional golf tournaments for men, women, and even juniors.

Some of the leagues that are available to play include United States Amateur Disc Golf Championships, United States Disc Golf Championship, among others.

Other countries where tournaments are organized include Canada, China, and more.

How to become a professional disc golfer

It is always good to note that professional dic golfers wake up in the morning, go to the field for practice, come back home only to do the same thing the next day, and make their living from disc playing.

These kinds of people are called pros.

When you get to this level, you do nothing else apart from playing. You tour countries to participate in events, and you enjoy your life when you win tournaments with no much hurdles.

To get to this level, it calls for efforts and staying determined all the time.

You start practicing being your manager, but if you can afford to hire one,it will be great.

The manager will help fast track your skills development and also identify a club for you to join.

The way to go about it is to start competing with your peers, and if possible, play in colleges and later join tournaments or private pay-to-play venues.

To know whether you are at the top level, ask yourself, can you compete with the world’s best disc golf players?

When you open your eyes over local tournaments, you will find that there are so many, and the division is open for both men and women.

One good thing with disc golf is that there is no secret of becoming a pro, and the journey is tantalizing and motivating.

The journey is open to all, women and men, who feel that they can invest the right amount of time for practice.

This category of people end up becoming the next big name at the top of the board.

The following skills are required to become a pro disc player:

  • Driving
  • Putting
  • Scrambling

Whether you are talented, you can never get to the level of a pro if you are not consistent.

You need to put effort into getting to the top position and maintaining the position.

When you get to this level, you will be playing your favorite game and earning a handsome income; it sounds nice,right?

Do you know that becoming a pro may be even easier than you can imagine?

But if you fail to follow the rule of the game, the big dream can become a nightmare.

Just imagine the significant number of people trying to become professional disc players.

They practice very hard and tirelessly, and for you to be on top of them, you need to work harder than they do and be consistent.

Apart from the practice, you will also need to stay fit by observing your diet.

The good news is like in many other sports; there are people whose job is to identify professional golfers and support them in disc golf.

So it becomes even better once you are identified since you start earning good money.

How much money can you make as a professional disc golfer?

Before we delve into how much money you can make when you become a pro disc golfer, let’s first examine how golfers make money.

There are many ways in which professional golfers make money.

One way they earn is when they engage in a disc golf event and win the tournament.

There is a good amount of cash that is placed on a person who wins the tournament.

Tournaments are of various calibers of and the higher the caliber of the game, the much money there is to win.

Some sponsor companies pay a considerable good amount of salaries to their team members.

The salaries depend on the skills that the team members have and the value they add to the company.

Are these the only ways in which you can make money?

These are not the only ways you can make money. Disc golfers can also make money through sponsorship.

Manufacturers of disc golf-related equipment pay golfers to play in an event and provide for them when they are out for tours with food, money, and lodging fees.

In return, the golfers will use kits that the company manufactures in the events they take part in.

When you become a big name in the game, companies will come to for your consent to use your name in their products.

In return, you will be getting some money through the sale of the products. Some of the products may be the discs and other kits.

An excellent example of those stars who get a small cut from the sale of golf discs is Ricky Wysocki Start Destroyer.

Besides, when you become a big name in the game, you can still get money by commentating on disc events, giving speeches, and also when you host events or when you launch your brand or even become a social media personality.

In a year, professionals make as much as six figures. According to a career advisor Paysa, it says that in 2018, $116,037 is the average salary professional disc players made.

The top earners got home with $212,198, and the bottom earners made home with $62, 870 in the same year.

The top earners and bottom earners are 10% and 25%, respectively.

In this article, we have looked at the various was of how to become a professional disc golfer.

All these ways, when followed to the latter will help one perfect their skills in the game.

The practice will make you better by helping you develop in power, stamina, and flexibility. And who knows — with an improved game, maybe you’ll win big!

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