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Are you looking to get more distance out of your drives? Want a disc with some serious carrying power?

Then Innova’s Vulcan and Katana are both excellent discs for you! 

But how to decide between these two very similar discs? And which one gets our vote overall as the disc you need to add to your bag?

Keep reading to learn about the similarities and differences between these two great Innova drivers and to hear our opinion on which, in the battle between the Innova Vulcan vs the Katana, is the one you should pick up.

Innova Vulcan vs. Katana: A closer look

The Innova Star Vulcan Distance Driver Golf Disc (view at Amazon) is a lightweight downwind driver or roller with great speed and distance.

The Innova Star Katana Golf Disc (view at Amazon) is a fast downwind driver or roller, but with different flight characteristics compared to the Vulcan. 

Let’s talk specifics

The first thing you’ll need to consider when deciding between these two discs is their size, weight, and function, as well as the flight ratings that Innova has given them.

So let’s take a look at the specs of these two discs and pinpoint some of the key differences. 

Both discs are distance drivers, meant to help you obtain maximum distance with high-speed throws.

As such, we should give the caveat that neither of these discs is ideal for the complete beginner, as both require significant wrist speed.

With that being said, let’s delve into the numbers. 

The Katana and the Vulcan have identical diameters at 21.2 cm, and similar rim widths at 2.5 cm and 2.4 cm, respectively.

This difference of thickness helps to account for the different flight characteristics of the two discs which we will discuss later on.

Both discs weigh roughly the same, and will vary depending on the plastic type you choose.

One factor to consider is that the Katana is available in a much wider variety of plastics as compared to the Vulcan.

The Katana comes in Star (160-175g), GStar (160-175g), EchoStar (165-175g), Champion (165-175g), Blizzard (130-159g), Glow Champion (170-175g), Metal Flake (165-175g), Pro (165-175g), and DX (150-175g); the Vulcan only comes in Star (158-175g), GStar (165-175g), Champion (165-175g), Blizzard (130-159g), and Pro (165-175g).

As far as flight characteristics are concerned, the Vulcan and the Katana feature identical ratings for speed (a high rating of 13) and glide (5).

But the difference between the two comes in their scores for turn and fade.

The Vulcan’s flight is more understable, with a turn rating of -4 and a fade rating of 2.

The Katana is a touch less understable, with a turn rating of -3 as well as a higher fade rating of 3, making the feel of throwing these two discs remarkably different. But how exactly does this play out on the course?

Let’s take a look.

Overall comparison

When deciding between the Innova Katana and the Vulcan, you’ll need to take into consideration course conditions and wind, your level of throwing speed, and most importantly the demands of a particular application.

The Katana is built to provide exceptional distance from the tee as well as big turnover shots, and is especially recommended for use with low wind or with a tailwind.

For newer players the lightweight Blizzard version is a great option for achieving maximum distance.

With construction resembling a Boss and the flight characteristics of an amped-up Sidewinder, the Katana is perfect for finesse throwers hoping to advance their drives.

But at low speeds the Katana has a high degree of fade.

The Vulcan is also a relatively easy driver to throw far, and it’s great for improving your drives or for use as a long-distance roller.

Like the Katana it comes in a low-weight Blizzard model, good for less powerful players, and in the popular Star plastic.

The Vulcan’s flight is very much like the Katana but with less low-speed fade.

As we said above, the Katana is less understable while the Vulcan is a bit more understable.

Innova Vulcan vs. Katana: The choice for you? 

So, at the end of the day which of these two discs should you buy? And while you may find it disappointing if you were looking for a definite answer, the truth is, it depends. 

What you’ll have to consider is, first, which flight path is ideal for the distance you want to throw, and second, what flight path each disc will have at your particular throwing speed.

Throwing the Vulcan you’ll feel a more pronounced right turn and a slightly smaller fade on the tail end, which may or may not be right for what the shot requires.

The Vulcan may be a bit easier to throw, but this will come down to feel and personal preference.

The weight you choose should be geared toward your level as a player, and if you’re just getting into using distance drivers we recommend going with the super lightweight Blizzard, which is available for both the Vulcan and the Katana.

Otherwise, Star plastic is a great all-around choice.

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