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If you’ve been considering whether or not to purchase a Valkyrie, you’re likely looking for a good Innova Valkyrie disc review to help you evaluate your options and reach a decision.

In this article, we seek to highlight some of the pros and cons of this disc to help aid you in your disc selection.

We’ve collected information on exactly what the Valkyrie is, how it flies, what shots it works best for, what shots it is not designed for, and which plastic line we recommend purchasing it in.

Valkyrie disc review: An overview

The Valkyrie is a moderate power, slightly understable distance driver. Its flight ratings are Speed 9, Glide 4, Turn -2, and Fade 2.

What do these numbers mean?

Well, they describe how the disc performs in flight.

These numbers tell you that the Valkyrie is accessible for newer players who don’t have a big arm for power.

It isn’t a high-flying disc that will soar through the air for max distances.

It is slightly understable (which means it naturally turns to the right on a right-hand backhand shot), and it will finish mostly straight, with only a very subtle fade to the left at the end of flight.

The Valkyrie is available in the following Innova plastic lines: Star, GStar, StarLite, EchoStar, Champion, Glow Champion, Pro, Glow, and DX.

It is one of Innova’s most popular distance drivers for a reason.

It starts out straight, drifts out to the right slightly, then fades back in to finish in a straight line from the point of release.

This disc is a great choice for all skill levels, and makes a great first distance driver for beginners who are still learning and developing their technique.

Comparing the plastics

Did you know the plastic line that discs are manufactured in can affect how your disc flies?

In the case of the Valkyrie, the Champion plastic can have some negative effects on the disc by making it more overstable, defeating the purpose of the Valkyrie’s flight ratings.

Broken-in DX plastic can make it fly low and straight, but that only happens after the disc has been used enough.

Two of the more popular plastic lines for the Valkyrie are the Star and GStar plastics.

The Star is one of Innova’s more durable plastics, which means it can hold up a lot of wear and tear while still maintaining the disc’s integrity.

The GStar, on the other hand, has similar durability to the Star, but with more flexibility and grip, making it a better option for all-weather scenarios.

Now, if you’re looking for a roller disc, a Champion Valkyrie does the trick.

Rollers put your disc through a lot of punishment, so a sturdy, hard disc is best for those types of shots.

When to use the Valkyrie

Tailwinds. Wind can be really pesky when you’re trying to get the hang of disc golf.

Just when you think you understand how your disc works, the wind starts blowing and your disc behaves in a totally unpredictable manner.

Tailwinds are winds that blow against you from behind. They affect your disc by making it fly more overstable than its flight ratings indicate, and by pushing it down against the ground, fighting against the disc’s glide.

The Valkyrie is useful for tailwinds because it’s an understable disc, which helps counteract the overstabilizing effects of a tailwind.

Additionally, because it’s on the higher end of the glide spectrum, if you throw it at a little bit of a higher angle, it can help fight against the the tailwind trying to push it down.

Low-ceiling shots. Low-hanging obstacles like branches can be annoying to deal with because they require more strategy.

The Valkyrie is great at holding a stable, lower-to-the-ground line, making it a good option for low-ceiling shots.

Roller shots. Rollers are when your disc’s path is partially in the air and partially rolling on the ground down the fairway.

The recipe for a successful roller shot is an understable disc with a thick rim. The Valkyrie is understable and has a rim width of 1.9 centimeters. This is one of the thickest rim widths.

The Professional Disc Golf Association doesn’t have a lot of restrictions or regulations on disc golf manufacturers, but they have explicitly stated that disc golf discs cannot have rims thicker than 2.5 centimeters.

To throw a roller, angle the Valkyrie on a sharp anhyzer when you release it.

Anhyzer is when the nose of the disc (the part opposite of where your hand is gripping) is pointed up and towards you.

On a right-hand backhand shot, this makes the disc hold a rightward line on the fairway.

Anhyzer is necessary for rollers because the anhyzer angle is what makes the disc turn over onto its side before it hits the ground to roll.

If you plan to use the Valkyrie for rollers, consider a heavier weight range for purchase so that the disc is less likely to bounce off the ground.

Hyzer flips. A hyzer flip is where you throw an understable disc at a hyzer angle so that it flies straight rather than drifting to the right.

A hyzer is where the nose of the disc is angled down and away from you.

When overstable discs are thrown on a hyzer, the disc holds a leftward line.

When understable discs are thrown on a hyzer, the disc holds a straight line before finishing to the left (depending on the individual disc’s level of fade).

In order to execute a proper hyzer flip, you’ll need to throw the disc a tad lower to the ground than you might normally, usually within 8 to 10 feet.

Final thoughts

The Valkyrie is a great disc for all skill levels, especially those starting out with their very first distance driver.

It is a versatile disc that can be used for anhyzer shots, hyzer flips, low-ceiling shots, or rollers.

Avoid this disc if you’re looking for a disc to perform in headwinds, for hyzers, or for max distances.

It’s available in a variety of Innova plastics and weight ranges to suit any player’s preference.

Our personal recommendation is to use the Valkyrie in Star plastic in the 160 gram weight range.

You can view the Innova Star Valkyrie Golf Disc at Amazon to learn more.

You should always consult an industry professional before using any new product to ensure it is appropriate and safe for your use.

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