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If you are relatively new to the game of disc golf, then it is fairly possible that you don’t have a whole lot of experience with the advanced lingo of the sport.

There are several terms that get commonly used by the experts of the sport, but newcomers may feel somewhat left out without the knowledge of these common terms.

One of those terms is ‘Parked’.

It is very likely that you have never heard of this before, but it really depends on your experience level.

In this article, we’ll discuss this term, as well as when it might be used in disc golf.

What does “parked” mean in disc golf?

There are a few reasons for why you might want to learn about terms like ‘Parked’, but one of the main reasons is that you will have a better understanding of the sport.

You will be able to communicate with other competitive players and enjoy the sport while using the proper lingo out on the course.

If you are trying to prove to your friends and competitors that you completely understand the sport of disc golf, then you will definitely want to invest some time and learn these important terms.

You might hear players say that they ‘Parked’ their shot when they make a shot that lands adjacent to the basket.

It basically means that they threw an outstanding disc that landed right next to the target.

This occurs when a disc lands really close to the basket on an approach shot. This term can generally be used when a shot lands within twenty feet of the target.

This term may get thrown around casually or during competitive matches, but it is certainly a positive thing to hear when playing out on the disc golf course.

This term can also be used as a compliment towards other players.

If you see somebody throw a great disc, then you might want to reach out and compliment them on how they ‘Parked’ their disc right next to the basket.

It is always important to show the proper etiquette when playing sports like disc golf, but using the proper terms can definitely demonstrate good behavior and the proper knowledge to play competitively.

Players are encouraged to engage and react to their own shots, as well as their opponents.

You might hear conversations occur often on the disc golf course that include terms like ‘Parked’.

You should not be afraid to use these terms, but it is important to use them in the correct situations and scenarios.

We are going to shift our focus to discuss when it might be appropriate to use this term on a more specific level.

How close does the disc need to be to the basket for it to be parked?

As we previously mentioned, the term ‘Parked’ is commonly used when a disc golf player makes a great approach shot that lands very close to the target basket.

You still might be wondering how close a disc needs in terms of feet for this term to be properly used.

There is no exact law to this formula, but typically any discs that land within 10 to 20 Feet are close enough to be ‘parked’ next the basket.

If you believe the next shot is close enough to easily make a putt, then you are probably safe to use this term.

The last thing that anybody wants to do is say that they parked their shot, only to miss their next putt and add a stroke to their score.

That scenario is one quick way to look like a fool and play a sour joke on yourself.

Is it ok to compliment other players with this term?

If you believe another player made an outstanding shot, then you should absolutely demonstrate good sportsmanship by complimenting them with this disc golf term.

This shows good etiquette and good sportsmanship.

Other players will likely appreciate positive comments and may make positive comments towards your own shots in the future.

Are there any scenarios where you shouldn’t use this term?

It is not a good idea to use this term as a compliment unless you are certain that another player made an outstanding shot.

If you are uncertain about where the disc landed, then it might be best to not say anything at all.

It is also a bad idea to use this term as an insult towards other players. Don’t make a joke or comment about their shot being ‘Parked’ as a trash-talking phrase.

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