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There are many unique terms that some people might not understand about disc golf until they study and play the game on a regular basis.

One of those terms happens to be ‘Pin High’.

So what does pin high mean in disc golf?

Newcomers are unlikely to immediately understand what this means, but a simple explanation will do the trick.

We will start by talking about the generic connection to the actual sport of golf. In traditional golf, a flag pin is placed in the hole.

The ideal shot distance is typically referred to being parallel with the pin.

Players developed the term ‘Pin High’ as an indicator for the ideal shot distance from the fairway.

Disc golf seems to have brought the term over from traditional golf, but it still has a significant meaning in the sport of disc golf.

Players will refer to the target basket as the pin.

If a player says that they want to land their disc at ‘Pin High’, then it means that they are attempting to land their approach disc as close to the basket as possible without leaving it short or sending it too far past.

What does pin high mean in disc golf?

As we previously mentioned, it initially comes from the connection to traditional golf, but the reference means the same thing in disc golf.

When the term initially came over to the sport of disc golf, it might have made more sense if players called the ideal distance to the target ‘Basket High’, but that doesn’t have the same flow or jingle that ‘Pin High’ seems to have.

Players should learn a lot of these relative terms about disc golf.

These terms can help you communicate with coaches, other players, and experts of the sport.

If you are trying to learn rules, skills, or any other aspect of disc golf, these terms can be a great way to help describe problems or solutions that might be possible to improve your overall skill level.

Does ‘Pin High’ specifically refer to distance or accuracy?

The best way to explain the answer to this question is to imagine an actual scenario in the sport of disc golf.

Imagine that you are about to make an approach shot towards the target basket.

Lets say the distance to the hole is 80 Yards, and you make your shot and it lands exactly 80 Yards.

This means that your shot was exactly ‘Pin High’.

It would not make sense to use this term if your accuracy was perfect, but it would make sense if your shot landed significantly left or right of the target.

You would typically only use the term ‘Pin High’ if the accuracy was significantly off, but the distance was exactly right.

Some players might still be confused, but if you ever hear another player talking about their disc landing ‘Pin High’, then you should try and remember that they landed their shot at exactly the right distance.

Is there a ‘Pin Low’ term in disc golf?

Some players might think that a ‘Pin Low’ term also has to exist in disc golf.

The truth is that there is no ‘Pin Low’ term that is commonly used as much as ‘Pin High’.

You could probably make the argument that it should exist and refer to the ideal shot accuracy, but incorrect distance.

Unfortunately, disc golf players don’t typically use this term and it would definitely be strange to hear it on the course from an experienced player or coach.

Are there any other ‘Pin’ terms in disc golf?

There are only a few ‘Pin’ terms in Disc Golf, but check out this quick collection of terms.

We included a brief description for each one to help new players understand more about each phrase.

  • Pin High — As we have discussed several times throughout this post, this term relates to disc shots that land at the ideal distance. In most cases, players won’t use this term unless their distance is right and accuracy is way off.
  • Hit the Pin — This phrase is more common in traditional golf, but it does occasionally get used in disc golf as well. If a player hits the target or basket, but there shot rebounds away after bouncing or deflecting, then you would likely refer to your shot as ‘Hitting the Pin’ or ‘Hit the Pin’.
  • Pin Location — This disc golf term is extremely straightforward. It simply refers to the current location of the target or basket.

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