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Many novices in disc golf wonder, “what is a push putt in disc golf?” You might be aware that your putting game is the most important part of your overall disc golf game.

Being able to get the disc into the basket can change your game.

Consistency is key when putting, which means you need to be able to repeat a movement and get consistent results.

If you want consistent low scores, improving your putting game can help you get there.

One of the most common putting styles in disc golf is push putting.

What is a Push Putt in disc golf?

The best way to think of push putting is when the disc is being pitched at the basket.

This is normally done when bending slightly at the waist and taking the disc with a straight wrist.

The body will move towards the basket as you throw, allowing you to release the disc golf disc straight towards the basket.

It’s important to keep the nose slightly up.

When there is no side to side motion, you will be able to simply point and shoot.

If you have aimed properly and made the right judgment for the distance, you will be able to make the putt.

What is the difference between push putting and the other kinds of putts?

There are four main types of putts in disc golf including push putting, spin putts, straddle putts, and turbo putts.

  • Push Putts — Push puts use less spin to keep the flight path of the disc straight. This also helps reduce spit outs caused by the chain. Using less wrist movement can help you gain consistency, though it might be more difficult from further away.
  • Spin Putts — Spin putts are often considered the most natural for beginners because the spin helps stabilize your putting line. However, it is often less consistent than other forms of putting because it requires movement from multiple joints in the body.
  • Straddle Putts — Straddle putts can be used with both push putts and spin putts by straddling the legs to help reduce the number of moving joints. This will also improve consistency because there is less side to side movement.
  • Turbo Putts — Turbo putts throw the disc overhand to increase power and shape the line of the flight path. It is a great way to get over obstacles and often requires extra practice for beginners to master the throwing technique.

How to throw a push putt

Begin by lining your feet in a straight line towards the basket, with your dominant foot in the front.

Then build momentum by drawing the disc towards your core as you bend at the waist.

Throw the putt by pushing the disc away from your core in a straight line.

Make sure you are pushing off with your hind foot to create more power while keeping your wrist straight throughout the entire movement.

Release the disc with the nose slightly up to get it through the chains.

What are the benefits of push putting?

Push putting has a number of benefits but it is the most consistent of the putts.

This is simply because there are fewer moving parts in a push putt so it is easier to get it right.

When you are performing a push putt correctly, the body is aligned with the basket and it is a simple shot towards the hole.

Another benefit is that if you misjudge it, you are more likely to hit the basket or fall slightly short.

Then you can use a nice tap-in putt to complete your round.

Push putting doesn’t require you to focus on the timing of your release like a spin putt does.

When you are using a spin putt, it is easy to release too late or too early causing your disc to fly past the basket.

When you’re push putting, the only mistake you can make is by having too much power or too little.

You will rarely have a push putt that goes over the basket and even if you do, it will not go nearly as far as a spin putt would.

What are the drawbacks of a push putt?

Push putting isn’t perfect.

It can be difficult to use a push putt when the basket is outside the circle and it is more likely to be affected by the wind because the nose is turned up.

Many push putters solve this by only using the style when they are within the circle.

Push putting can be a great way to consistently land your putts in the basket.

It might not be perfect, but if you practice the style repeatedly, you are more likely to get the results you want.

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