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Disc golf is a sport that continues to grow a larger audience. People are always looking for ways to improve their game and get an edge as a disc golf player.

One of the best ways to improve your disc golf game is to get better at putting!

Many people come here asking, “what is a turbo putt in disc golf?”

Keep reading to find out!

Turbo putts are one of the flashiest putts in the game.

The style is an overhand throw that many professionals use to get around complicated obstacles or other challenging landmarks.

It does take time to perfect, which means you’ll need to spend some time practicing!

What is a turbo putt in disc golf?

Putting is one of the best skills to have in your toolbox for the sport because you have to putt on almost every hole.

When you improve your efficiency by learning the different types of putts, you will be able to get ahead of the competition easily.

The turbo putt is a specific kind of putting that is used when you need to get around obstacles or landmarks.

It is a movement that is slightly difficult for many players to master, but once you do you will have an advantage in the game!

Throwing a Turbo Putt

Throwing a turbo putt can be challenging to master because it is different from the other styles like pushing, spins, or straddle putts.

The muscle memory and mechanics from the other putting styles don’t necessarily transfer to a turbo putt.

When you first begin the putt, you want to position your body in the same way you would when you throw a dart or throw an overhand baseball.

This is considered a split stance.

If you are right-handed, you will want your right foot to be in front of the left.

When you are holding the disc, you want to place your thumb at the center of the underside of the disc.

The other fingers should support the disc by being placed along the rim.

Then hold the disc like a waiter holding a tray at shoulder height to complete the setup by bringing the disc above the shoulder.

Throwing the disc involves pushing it forward in the same way you would throw an overhand baseball while also spinning your wrist.

Tips for Turbo Putting

It is vital to remember that you are throwing down towards the basket.

Typically, putting involves keeping the disc flat to follow a straight path. Sometimes it is even supposed to tilt upwards.

Turbo putting is a different motion and requires different thinking to achieve it.

Trying to throw the disc flat and level will cause you to miss the basket, but when you remember that you are throwing in a downward motion, you will be able to get to the basket quicker.

Don’t spin too much

Though spinning is an important aspect of the turbo putt, you don’t want to overdo it.

Many new players who are trying out the turbo putt will put too much spin on the disc instead of trying to push it.

The added spin is counterproductive and causes it to work against you.

Think about pushing the arm forward while spinning the disc off of your hand instead of using your wrist to create the spin.

Focus on spinning the disc the opposite way

The disc is spinning in the opposite direction when you use a putting disc.

This means it will spin towards the right for right-handed players instead of towards the left.

This is important to keep in mind when using a turbo putt because trying to hit a long putt requires more focus when aiming.

Angle the disc differently

You already know the disc will spin in the opposite direction than you are used to in the same way throwing a backhand spins differently than a forehand throw.

When you add angles to the equation, you can change your throw!

Opting for an anhyzer or a hyzer can help change the course of your turbo putt.

When to use a Turbo Putt in disc golf

Turbo putts might seem unorthodox, but they can be a great way to improve your game.

Here are several situations where you might want to use a turbo putt:

Higher release point

The turbo putt has an incredible advantage over the other putts in the height of the release point.

This allows the player to throw over a number of obstacles and it can make it the perfect throwing style when you need to putt over something.

For instance, if you find yourself on a putting green where you need to throw over a small bush, you would use a turbo putt.

Go around objects

Turbo putts also allow players to straddle around objects!

It is perfect for going over objects and around them if you have practiced!

To go around objects using a turbo putt, simply place the disc away from the body instead of near the shoulder to move around the obstacle.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to use a turbo putt, go out there and have fun practicing!

When you start to improve your turbo putt, you will have so much fun playing with your new skills especially because your putting game will be incredible!

Every day is great when you are out there playing disc golf, so go enjoy, shoot for a lower score, and start making some impressive putts!

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