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As a disc golf player, having a bag filled with an assortment of new discs is perhaps one of the many things that bring you joy.

However, playing to the best of your potential requires having a bag with more than just a collection of discs.

The key is to carry an optimum number of essential items that meet your specific needs as a player.

What should I put in my disc golf bag?

1. Discs

While this is perhaps a no-brainer, do not fill your bag with any type of discs.

Consider the purpose of each disc you carry in your bag, and how it could enhance your game in different scenarios.

Here are the essential types of discs you need to carry in your bag.

  • Driver — Carry at least two drivers for your initial shot. This type of disc is excellent for speed and range. It will probably help you achieve your farthest shot of the hole.
  • Midrange Disc — This is the ideal disc for your second, third or fourth throw. Midrange discs have great gliding potential, thus could help you finesse throws towards the basket. While these discs do not match the speed of the drivers, they can float in the air much longer. Have at least two of these discs in your bag.
  • Putter — These are the go-to discs for completing a hole. Do not let their slow and bulky design deceive you; these discs outperform the other two in the final 40 or less feet.

2. Water

Besides a good set of discs, water is perhaps the most crucial item you should always have in your bag.

Staying hydrated throughout the game can help you sustain challenging rounds, especially when playing in the grueling heat.

Besides staying hydrated, water is essential for optimal joint health, keeping you less hungry throughout the game, keeping your mind sharp for better decision-making and maintaining high energy levels.

While the optimal amount of water to carry is relative, a good rule of thumb is having at least half a gallon of water to compensate for the water you will lose through sweat.

3. Mobile Phone

Even though having a mobile phone on the course can be somewhat distracting, with a little bit of discipline, you can carry your phone for various reasons.

  • A Digital Scorecard — Using helpful apps such as UDisc, you can ditch the traditional scorecard and handle your scores in a more modern fashion. Most apps like these will not only keep your score but also provide you layouts for different courses and assist you with hole distances.
  • Recording your Gameplay — Smartphones offer us many conveniences, including the ability to take pictures and record videos. If you are training or playing with your buddies, why not have them take a few pictures or record some videos of your gameplay? Such pictures and videos can be great for reminiscing in the future, learning how to improve your form or uploading on the internet.
  • Emergency Purposes — From time to time, you will inevitably encounter an emergency. Having your phone nearby when an emergency arises at the disc golf course can help you save yourself or other players.

4. Towel

You will inevitably sweat during a game, especially when playing in sunny weather.

Therefore, always have a clean sweat towel in your bag to wipe off your sweat.

Having sweat run down into your eyes is not fun at all.

The two best types of towel options you should consider for your bag are:

  • Chamois Towels — To wipe moisture and dirt off your discs
  • Standard Disc Golf Towels — To wipe off sweat

5. First Aid Kit

Injuries are a normal part of most sports, and disc golf is no exception to this.

If you get a serious injury on the course, call 911 or have someone else call emergency services for you.

Otherwise, for the occasional minor cuts and grazes, a first-aid kit should suffice.

Among the most fundamental items to stock in your first-aid kit include:

  • Small bandages
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Band-Aids
  • Strong relief wipes

Considering you probably have some of these items at home already, it should not be too difficult to prepare your own first aid kit.

However, you can always buy an already prepared one.

6. Snacks

Playing out in the heat can be a bit taxing on the body.

When out on the course, your body not only loses moisture through sweat but also depletes its limited store of blood sugar.

Since your body requires sugar for fuel, fatigue may start setting in when your blood sugar levels get low.

To avoid having to endure rounds of disc golf on an empty stomach and with low energy levels, carry your favorite selection of moderately healthy snacks.

Carrying a few crackers, snack bars, bananas or any other sugary snacks should do the trick.

Sugary snacks will help to moderate your body’s blood sugar levels and enable you to perform at maximum capacity.

Other great snack ideas for a quick energy boost include energy bars, protein bars, pop tarts and peanut butter.

If you do not have snacks at home, then consider going on a brief shopping run before hitting the course.

7. Mini Marker Disc

Owning a mini marker disc and using it is a massive leap towards becoming a more professional disc golf player.

It is such a shame that many players never use markers, especially considering how affordable and cool they are.

If you do a quick search online, you will discover many affordable and exotic markers available for sale.

A good mini marker should be within the price range of a regular disc, making it within reach for most players.

8. Sunscreen

Having some sunscreen in your bag can significantly reduce your chances of getting severe sunburns.

You should carry sunscreen regardless of the time of year since the sun’s UV rays can seriously damage your skin.

Even people with darker skin tones should carry sunscreen to protect their skin adequately. Consider getting an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen.

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