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What is the best disc golf disc weight for beginners? When would you throw a light disc instead of a heavy one?

What is the maximum disc golf disc weight? Why does weight matter?

Finding the best disc golf weight for you can be a challenge for beginners because it requires experimentation and time however, this article will give you a head start on picking the right weight to fit your current game!

To learn more about the best disc golf disc weight for beginners, keep reading!

Understanding the different disc golf weights

It’s best to begin with the different disc golf disc weights.

They are typically weighed by grams and it cannot go above 200 grams in weight according to the PDGA official standards.

There are several specifications for weights, but most beginners simply need to know that the discs typically weigh between 160 and 180 grams.

The different weights have specific purposes and those that weigh less than 160 grams have a special class designation of 150 Class.

Why disc weight matters in disc golf

The weight of the disc golf disc matters more than most novices realize! It matters because it can create a big impact on the way the disc golf disc flies!

At a basic level, the discs that weigh less require less effort to throw and will often have more accurate throws for beginners.

It is important to note that the discs that weigh less are more impacted by the wind than heavier discs.

Beginners should use heavier discs in windy games because the flight path will remain consistent.

However, light discs are more likely to turn at higher speeds than heavier discs which beginners need to be aware of!

It is also important to note that there are other factors that affect the disc’s stability like its turn rating.

When to throw a heavy disc and when to throw a lighter disc

Choosing between a lighter disc and a heavier disc completely requires you to know what you want the disc to do, which means there is no perfect answer. Consider these different situations when choosing heavier and lighter discs.

Driver weights

When choosing a driver for disc golf, it is important to consider how much wind there is and how much distance you need the disc to cover.

As was mentioned, the lighter discs tend to fly further, but if it is windy, they could be blown off course.

The wind affects the lighter discs because they are in the air longer, causing the wind to have more chances to knock the disc off course.

Most people throw medium weight drivers that range between 165 and 169 grams.

The decreased consistency is simply not worth the extra distance gained when throwing a lighter disc like those in the 150 Class discs.

It is important to know your own limits and how much control you have over the discs.

The lighter discs turn harder which can cause them to be difficult to control.

Using an overstable mold can help counterbalance this, however, creating more distance while also creating more consistency.

Light drivers can be good for beginners if you are trying to throw over a shorter distance.

This will allow you to focus more on form and less on how much power you will need to achieve the right distance.

It is also important to consider the temperature.

When you are playing in hot temperatures, the discs become less stable because the plastic begins to heat causing lighter discs to turn more.

Throwing a heavier disc in hotter conditions can help you gain more consistency.

Midrange weights for beginners

Midrange discs have similar principles to drivers in terms of weight, but it is more important to consider accuracy over distance with midrange discs.

Lower weights are easier to throw with consistency.

Again, it is important to consider the wind with midrange discs because they tend to have more rounded noses, causing an amplified flight path in midrange discs.

Putter weights for beginners

The most important thing to consider when choosing a weight for your put is how much wind resistance there is.

Most puts are thrown softly, which can cause the wind to have a significant impact on your consistency.

Most players prefer heavier putters or max weight putters because they won’t turn as hard.

What’s the best disc golf disc weight for beginners?

The right disc weight for beginners depends what you want to accomplish with your throw and what the environmental factors are.

If you are looking for precision, or you are in colder temperatures, or you need the disc to go further consider using a lighter disc.

If the conditions are windy and hot, use a heavier disc.

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